Ever since President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” socialist programs, American taxpayers have spent more and more on welfare, while the number of people taking welfare skyrockets.

This was totally predictable for anyone with a basic understanding of economics. If you subsidize something, you get more of it. It really is that simple. We’ve been subsidizing laziness and bad behavior for decades and decades, and it’s only gotten worse.

While the numbers vary, the number of Americans on some form of welfare is truly shocking. According to the Daily Signal, in 2015, 46 million Americans were on food stamps. 46 million! In 2013, 49% of all Americans received some sort of government assistance.

Clearly, there is something very wrong here.

But there’s good news. Much like the Mark Neumann and Tommy Thompson “workfare” reforms, President Trump’s latest budget includes provisions that will require able-bodied people to actually work in order to receive welfare.

How is such a common sense program not already iron-clad law? It boggles the mind.

Via LifeZette:

The work requirement in the president’s 2018 budget will save a whopping $190 billion over the next ten years, according to the Office of Management and Budget, and is part of a larger plan to reform welfare in America.

“We must reform our welfare system so that it does not discourage able-bodied adults from working, which takes away scarce resources from those in real need. Work must be the center of our social policy,” the president wrote in his letter to Congress accompanying his proposed budget.

His budget director, Mick Mulvaney, made clear at a press conference this week that people need to get a job to be eligible for food stamps going forward, saying: “If you’re on food stamps and you’re able-bodied, then we need you to go to work.”

Trump is an outsider who doesn’t toe the Washington line. Where other politicians – even Republicans – are too scared to look “mean” by reforming wasteful, dangerous entitlements like welfare, Trump doesn’t have to worry.

And Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney is no slouch either. As a Congressman, Mulvaney gained a reputation for staunch conservatism and fiscal responsibility. This is the perfect team to take on the incredible waste in the welfare program. Taxpayers are paying literally billions of dollars for welfare recipients to drink soda.

And for those with big hearts who think we can’t find even a penny to save, just remember that there are millions of people who gleefully take YOUR hard-earned money:

Via LiveLeak

This should never, ever happen to those who break their backs to feed their families.

Share this great news with your friends and family – especially the liberals!

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