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Welfare Queen Offered Free Weight Loss Surgery…But She Would Rather DO THIS!


Jodie Sinclaire is only 28 years old, but she’s “too fat to work.”

Receiving more than $110,000 in welfare benefits and free housing. That’s why when she was offered life-saving weight-loss surgery, she turned them down!

‘I’m not going ­under the knife for ­anyone because I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong,’ the 28-year-old said.

Doctors keep on shouting at me to lose weight but I don’t even eat that much. My cooked breakfasts are my treat. My mum would come over every day and we would have sausage, ­bacon, beans and toast but the dietician had a go at me for that.

‘I wasn’t going to give up my breakfasts.’

Ms Sinclair’s average daily intake is a fry-up or sausage roll for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, crisps as a snack and pasta for diner.

via Metro

Apparently she can’t do much… But she clearly knows how to eat! And despite her bad eating habits, she claims her weight is due to a disease.


And her size is why the government provides her with a mobility scooter and a free home cleaner.

Clearly, she would rather mooch off of taxpayers than get into shape. How disgusting!

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