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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Meets PC College Students

“Can I hump your leg? I know I look like a dog, but I identify as a shinguard.”

That was a line from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog – a character popularized on the late night show Conan. As part of a political special on the 2016 election, Triumph interviewed (err – roasted) a panel of college students at the University of New Hampshire. The university was the perfect choice at the time, as it had just been in headlines for their parody-worthy “Bias-Free Language Guide,” which declared words like “American,” “mothering,” and “healthy” to be beyond the pale of civilized discourse.

Most of the students present were the kinds who agreed with that kind of insanity.

Among the funniest parts:

  • “Trigger warning,” he says at the beginning. “In this video there will be the clear depiction of a dog pretending to be interested in what a college student is saying.”
  • One female student was quizzed on what “mansplaining” meant. But after she was done explaining, Triumph went to a male student, saying he could probably explain it better.
  • In pretending to be politically correct, Triumph tells the students that he finds it offensive they have a “student orientation” because it should be called the “student asianentation.”
  • To close the video out, Triumph brought in a flamboyantly gay African-American man into the room. Once the man was gone, he asked the students to describe him and brought in a sketch artist. Predictably, the students were extremely reluctant to bring up his sexuality or race.

Watch the hilarious skit below (language warning):

Now that was seriously funny! How great was it watching the real world slap these kids right in their face?

Did this video perfectly depict the problems with American youth today? Are college students too soft and whiny? Do they need to toughen up? Tell us your thoughts below and share this hilarious video over Facebook now!