Transgender Activists EAT Bibles to Protest Matt Walsh College Event

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The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has been on a crusade to expose the youth transgender movement. His documentary What is a Woman was met with acclaim from those on the right and vitriol from those on the left.

I myself was intrigued by what could cause so much angst by those on the left, so I watched the documentary and found it hilarious, terrifying, engaging, and disgusting.

Mr. Walsh has decided to take his message on the road. He has been showing the film at colleges and universities with open forums for those to engage in civic debate over the issue of transgenderism. Naturally, this has been met with extreme protests from the left.

All For The Glory Of Attention

Perhaps the most intense protests came from Mr. Walsh’s visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the far-left enclave of Madison, Wisconsin – unaffectionately known to Wisconsinites as “Madistan,” “The People’s Republic of Madison,” “Berkeley-East,” and “30 square miles surrounded by reality.”

In addition to the usual screaming of nonsense that has nothing to do with the actual theme of the event, such as hollering such phrases into a megaphone like “white people are f***ing racist,” some protesters chose to really up their game and consume their rage, literally.

Protesters opted to rip pages from the Bible and eat them. Just let that sink in, a group of individuals tore pages out of the Bible and ate them in an attempt to, I would assume, convince the public that their position is saner than Matt Walsh’s?

As the good word says in Corinthians, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” It’s fair to say that these folks could stand to swap eating books for reading them.

The protesters claim they were there to “collectively chase Nazis off the U-W campus.” Last I checked, it was the Nazis who destroyed books publicly and shut down the Church. But at least they didn’t eat them, I guess.

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Who Is Causing Harm Again?

When the pro-trans community at UW voiced their outrage that someone with an alternative view to theirs would speak at the same University they attend, the school administration quickly apologized. An Instagram message from the Dean of Students assured the upset activists that:

“We see you and we value you.”

Another message sent out before the event said they acknowledge that a speaker is coming to the school whose message is “…harmful toward our trans community.” Mr. Walsh had some choice words for the administrators saying at the event:

“To the UW-Madison administration you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are disgraceful, self-debasing cowards, and you spineless, gutless clowns owe me an apology.”

You have to give it to Mr. Walsh; he sure knows how to form a coherent opinion. Mr. Walsh made a point to thank the protesters as well, stating:

“I want to thank also the leftists crybabies for the free advertising spray-painted all over campus.”

I’m curious if the Dean ‘sees’ the students who spray painted on university property:

“Trans women are women – F*** Matt Walsh and YAF (Young America’s Foundation).”

Does the Dean value those students’ contributions to the University? If they truly see them, they should investigate who destroyed the property and expel them from the school.

But unfortunately, the left only sees the destruction of property and violence when it fits their narrative.

Welcome To The White House

It’s interesting what is allowed at places of higher education in our country and who is invited to the White House. TikTokker Dylan Mulvaney, who has been chronicling his transition into being a woman on social media, was given the honor of an invitation to the White House to sit with other young Americans and the President.

When Mulvaney asked how Democrats can advocate for trans people, President Joe Biden said:

“Being seen with people like you.”

What a smooth way of ensuring the trans community and the extreme left of his party believe that Uncle Joe is advocating for their best interests. Being seen with Mulvaney is an interesting way to show what you support. 

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One of many examples of ridiculous content on Mulvaney’s TikTok was their call to normalize “women having bulges.” Mulvaney was opining on how they get strange looks when they wear tight pants in public, stating:

“And I went, ‘Oh, I forgot that my crotch doesn’t look like other women’s crotches sometimes because mine doesn’t look like a little Barbie pocket.'”

I’ve seen some pretty terrible fashion trends ebb and flow over the years; at no point should we normalize women having crotch bulges. 

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What About Our Rights?!

You’ll often see or hear the same catchphrase at events with transgender activists in attendance: “Trans Rights are Human Rights.”

It’s a compelling phrase because it’s set up to corner those concerned about the youth trans movement to claim that there is a group of people in this country that think trans people don’t deserve human rights.

However, the truth is pushing the idea that men can be women and that children have the maturity to undergo sex change operations is absurd. I can’t even get my six-year-old’s ear pierced without showing my ID, getting an ID card for her, and bringing her birth certificate. 

These advocates tend to be part of the same camp that tells you to ‘follow the science,’ yet prefer to ignore any scientific or medical evidence that goes against their preferred narrative. So, for example, the National Health Services in England concluded in a study that:

“…most children who identify as transgender are experiencing a ‘transient phase.'”

This led to the banning of puberty blockers in England for anyone under the age of 18. Yet here we are in the United States with people advocating for puberty blockers and sex change surgery in children.

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Interestingly, the left prefers only to acknowledge some but not all rights. For example, after a teacher’s aide at UW admitted to taking down fliers for the Matt Walsh event, Young America’s Foundation called for an investigation and rightly argued that the University has an:

“…obligation under the First Amendment to refrain from censorship – not to mention its obligation as an institution of higher learning to promote the free exchange of ideas, not merely refrain from censoring them.”

I’m not sure the Dean sees or hears those students, as well as the trans activists.

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