Tim Tebow Is Saving Lives Where His Mom Refused To End His



Tim Tebow continues to demonstrate his strong Christian beliefs. He is not ashamed to publicly live his faith in words and actions. Now he has done something that will directly impact many people in the very place where his mother refused to abort him.

Tebow opened a hospital in the Philippines.

The Tebow CURE Hospital grand opening was held this past week at the facility in Davao City. Built and operated by CURE International, the hospital specializes in treating children with orthopedic conditions. Many donors have contributed to the project, including the Sacred Harvest Foundation and the Tim Tebow Foundation.

The grand opening was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the hospital, followed by an open house. In attendance were Rodrigo Duterte, Mayor of Davao City, and Dale Brantner, President & CEO of CURE International, along with representatives of the Tim Tebow Foundation, the Tebow family, the Sacred Harvest Foundation, and others.

“We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time,” said Brantner. “After many years of prayer and much hard work, I am thrilled to be able to say the Tebow CURE Hospital is officially open! In this place, we will share the love of Jesus and bring physical healing to children and families who desperately need it.”

The Tebows were in the Philippines on a mission trip when Pam got dysentery when she was pregnant with Tim. She defied the recommendations of the doctors and refused to abort him. The Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback’s generosity will impact many people.

The hard left is prone to mocking Tebow for his Christian belief. Do you think they will mock him for this generous act? Please comment below.


H/T: Life News

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