Tim Allen Reveals What It’s Really Like To Work With His Daughter On ‘The Santa Clauses’

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The former “Home Improvement” star Tim Allen is opening up about what it was like to star with his 14 year-old daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick on their show “The Santa Clauses.”

Allen Discusses Working With His Daughter

“It’s one of those moments that I’ll carry with me forever,” Allen, 70, told US Weekly. “To see the professional that she’s turned into, [she] treats everybody well, shows up on time, does her job, works long hours, [with] no complaints.”

“At times, I look over there and go, my kid is on this movie with me,” he continued. “I’m so grateful.”

Allen’s wife Jane Hajduk got in on the action as well, as she accompanied their daughter to set.

“It was a new experience for both of them, and they just worked their butts off,” Allen added. “It’s very impressive to watch.”

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Allen-Dick Responds

Last month, Allen-Dick discussed how much she’s learned from working with her father.

“I did have days where I would just struggle and be like, ‘Oh, it’s not my day, I can’t get my lines.’ I feel like the only time [Tim Allen] would not know his lines is when he proposed an idea, he’d be like, ‘Oh, I think this is better.’ I don’t think he would get the script and be like, ‘Oh, I just don’t know my lines,'” she said, according to Movie Web. “Because for some reason I feel like he never practiced, but he always knew his lines. I don’t know how he does that.”

“Even though you’re reading lines and saying something that someone else wrote, you’re making it your own and putting in like emotion to it,” she continued. “And also, one of the most important things he did was let me figure it out. We were on set, and he wasn’t constantly coming over and being like, ‘Okay, you have to do this.’ He really let me figure it out and find out what was best for me, which was really important.”

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Allen’s Favorite Part About Working With His Daughter

When asked about what the best part is about working with his daughter, Allen replied, “They’re almost combined elements. She has a natural respect for the people who actually do all the work — writers, crew, everybody behind this, and it was natural that way. She showed up on time, did what she was told, she didn’t think of herself as being special because she was related to me, and she earned everything she had.”

“I always tell her anytime you can, even if it’s called an improvisation, add some value… They’ll tell you if it doesn’t work, but just add value to everything that you do,” he continued. “She’s quite authentic that way.”

When it comes to sharing scenes with his daughter, Allen said that there is “nothing like it.”

“I was in a scene with her when [her character] was very sad about leaving the North Pole,” he stated. “And it was an emotional scene anyway. Then I’m looking at my daughter’s eyes, and it was very easy to be emotional. And one of my buddies was taking pictures at the time, he said, ‘That was really sincere.’ I kept the picture.”

The latest season of “The Santa Clauses” is streaming now on Disney+. Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of Allen’s work!

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