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Tim Allen
Source: Good Morning America YouTube
December 8, 2023
The conservative Hollywood star Tim Allen has been accused by a co-star of bad behavior on the set of his…
Tim Allen Daughter
Source: Screenshot Disney Plus YouTube
December 7, 2023
The Hollywood star Tim Allen is revealing what it's like to work with his daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick on their show…
Tim Allen Santa Clause
Source: Screenshot YouTube
November 27, 2023
Tim Allen refuses to watch violent "ugly Santa movies" that feature "knives and stabbing" for one very special reason.
Tim Allen Home Improvement
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot Twitter
November 20, 2023
Tim Allen is speaking out this week to address rumors of a potential reboot or spinoff of his beloved sitcom…
Tim Allen
Source: Screenshot YouTube
November 17, 2023
In the second season of "The Santa Clauses," which stars Tim Allen, the birth of Jesus Christ is highlighted in…