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This Teacher Just Struck a Big Blow to Common Core

Last year, Stacie Starr was named by “Live With Kelly and Michael” as the Top Teacher in the United States. She shocked the northeastern Ohio community where she teaches this week when she announced at a forum to address standardized testing that she is resigning because of Common Core and standardized tests. The nationally recognized teacher hopes to start an after school tutoring and mentoring program to help at risk trends.

“I can’t do it anymore, not in this ‘drill ‘em and kill ‘em’ atmosphere,” she said. “I don’t think anyone understands that in this environment if your child cannot quickly grasp material, study like a robot and pass all of these tests, they will not survive.”

The change in education to adopt common core standards has caused frustration for parents and students. And Starr’s resignation highlights that it is also affecting teachers. A prominent high caliber teacher has left the field of traditional education citing common core and testing as the reason for her departure.

Will politicians notice? Please leave your comment below.

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  • Way to go Stacie Starr. Common Core is junk, thought up & designed by idiots at the United Nations & their ILK. If I had kids in school today I would be home schooling the probably 4 or 5 years now.
    I have a grandson who has parents who can afford to send him to a private school & I am so glad that the lord has allowed his parents to be employed in position of great responcability & rewarded for that with great pay so they can afford to do this.
    More folks should think about home schooling.

  • I dedicated my life to educating children. I was amazing with my children year in and year out. I still have relationships with many of them as they are adults with their own children now. They learned no matter their ability, style of learning and pace of learning. I taught the whole child. I loved what I did. I became disabled and can no longer teacher, but the silver lining to leaving teaching is that I will never experience the harm Common Core and constant testing does to children. This is all wrong.

  • Good for you Stacie Starr!! If all the Teachers took a stand then maybe they could get your States to ban Common Core. It is a sumblinial evil tool the potus put in place to serve his ajenda. It needs to be destroyed before it starts destroying families. Every teacher should just go back to the way they were teaching before Obama passed his evil on our children. And just pile all that material outback and set it on fire! I cant believe how many teachers are supporting and pushing this garbage. They must be muslims. Obama said America will be a muslim Amerikka, did you think he was kidding or that he would take it that far, well beleive it, we're here now. One parent made the news of being banned from his child's school when he found out his son had to learn the 5 pillars of prayer, plus he had to make his own prayer rug. This was 8th grade, that teacher had to be muslim. And the parent was not threatening, he just wanted to discuss what they were teaching his son behind his parents back. This is coming down in every State. Its time to push back, bring the American flag back to every classroom, bring back the Pledge of Alligence, even the morning basic prayer. Or bring your kids home, and home school them. Cuz Common Core is damageing to your child and thats just what Obama & his muslim friends want, they want your child indoctrined into Islam before they reach 12th grade. Sickening!! PPl you got to stop CC NOW!!!!!

  • Common core has been hijacked by the usual suspects, publishers, test makers, unions, ivory tower professors, and some secondary educators to: 1. Make money; 2. Push an agenda.
    The committee which crafted it contained no elementary education people and no special education people. Their concerns were not addressed.

  • Obama is doing everything to destroy America from not defending our Country to teaching kids how to be 2nd class citizens fro the rest of their lives. The America People have had enough, I am not a bigot but the only reason he is still in the White House is that he is Black and that was the plan of those who are behind what he is doing to this Country. Do not continue to be fools. Demand his Riddance by impeachment or ljust plain old Removal for not living up to the Oath of Office he made!!! Which, actually he lied about because he swore inGod's name and he has NO belief in God. That means he meant to deceive!

  • Common Core is the most rediculous thing I have ever seen...When I was in school we all learnes arithmetic the old simple way and guess what, It still works and it is a heck of a lot simpler.

  • The article says Stacie Star struck a blow to Common Core. No she didn't. Our government does not give a rip that good teachers resign. They will replace her with a compliant teacher in 2 minutes. The article asks if politicians will notice? No they won't. They don't care. There is an agenda here and good teachers are not part of it. Politicians praising teachers, teacher awards... It's all window dressing.

  • You do not know or understand what Common Core is. I am sure you are talking about the viral examples of crazy ways of doing math. That is a made up meme and has nothing to do with Common Core. Common Core is standards, not a way of teaching.

    Common Core has been politicized in the most stupid of ways. If you are a Republican you are expected to hate it. If you're a Democrat you are expected to support it. The facts are that probably less than 2% of Americans who have a love it or hate it opinion of Common Core could not give 1 fact about it or explain it even the most simplest of terms. This teacher is a great example of the politicization of it. She is a teacher in Ohio and has not had to comply or teach to Common Core Standards.

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