This COVID-19 Virus Release Wasn’t A Mistake And China Knows It! If Not, Why Hide It?


The U.S. media and Democrats are in deep state mode to lay some type of blame for anything that is bad about the COVID-19 virus and they are pushing into overdrive.

However, the specific delays and steps not taken and the role the World Health Organization (WHO) played here is critical to uncovering what happened here.


The idea that obscure pneumonia patients showing up in an obscure city in China in early December could potentially bring the entire civilized world to our knees is not something we’d even entertain in our subconscious. The world paid WHO billions of dollars a year to serve as an early warning system for exact situations like this. WHO did not come out asking all countries to stop air travel with China in January — Why?

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China deserves pariah status and concerted punitive action from the civilized world for a horrendous plague whose impact would be orders of magnitude lower had they been open and honest.


The scale of the outbreak in the U.S. and the lack of being ready is fair game: lots of people are responsible for that, but shortages of ventilators never materialized, field hospitals have remained empty, and ICUs have been overwhelmed in a handful of hospitals in NYC only – and only for short periods. To solve that, you would need to stomach massive overcapacity in beds nearly all the time – and that would be a terrible waste of health care capital. Why not focus on today’s problem – China’s continued misinformation campaign about COVID-19?

It is very difficult to pierce the veil of secrecy and obfuscation to discover the genesis of this disease. It’s a story that screams for all the journalists of the world to put the facts together and explain precisely what happened so the world will not have to go through another episode like this in our lifetime.

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At first, I suspected that some scientists in China made a tragic mistake and an accident caused a leak in a bio lab somewhere. Within China itself, Chinese citizens were discussing the role of Dr. Shi ZhengLi, the “Bat Woman,” who dedicated her life to studying coronavirus in bats.

I learned of Caixin magazine, just about the only semi-autonomous media left in China, able to sometimes report on sensitive topics that they interviewed Dr. Shi Jan 4th – she sequenced the genes of SARS-COV-2 but was forbidden to release. The article was killed, but the notes by the journalist survived, and there is some controversy on this now. There was an extraordinary effort to stop any information exchange between scientists within china itself.

The paper trail is there for the world to see. A second scientist subsequently sequenced the genes and released it to the world without approval. His lab is now shut down. I now suspect scientists in China are generally decent, and most of them tried to do the right thing. There is an immense danger to them if they tell the truth. The political leaders, on the other hand, are inept to the point of what we could see as evil incarnate.

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China didn’t attempt to walk any “fine line” — they wanted their country to remain open for “business” so their drones can continue to go work at the plant (where they are paid $1/hour) and continue to produce goods (which they stole the intellectual property for), and then sell those goods back to the world at a government-subsidized below-market-value price, thereby driving more foreign competitors out of business.

THAT’S what the Chinese government did – and unleashed this plague on the rest of the world.


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