Thin-Skinned AOC Begins Reelection Bid, Republicans Can Take Advantage

By David Kamioner | February 16, 2020

Conservative icon Bill Buckley once said he would have a U.S. Senate composed of all conservatives, and Ted Kennedy. Kennedy would remain as a reminder to the American people of the views of the hard left, thus insuring conservative senatorial hegemony.

The same may be said of Dem Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY, “AOC” in political shorthand.

With all due respect to the noble GOP challengers and even the Dems trying to take her out in the primary, she’s got a leg up on them. Her screeching fame has brought her $5 million in campaign ammo, she certainly has the energy for the race, and her bakers dozen primary opponents will just split up any anti-AOC vote in small increments leaving her to possibly win with nowhere near a majority.

The seat is also a Dem gimme.

However, that doesn’t mean the good guys shouldn’t fight it. We just shouldn’t expect her to lose. But in that win, we can profit.

MORE NEWS: Challenger DeAnna Lorraine charging hard against Nancy Pelosi

One, by making her an example as noted above. Two, by giving the ultratouchy Bronx bartender’s primary opponents as many indirect resources as we can muster. Because their refusal to bow down to her will irritate her to no end and motivate her to do and say loony stuff. She may utter some of that craziness against her own party establishment. We can then use the lines in the fall against the same Dem stalwarts on a national basis.

Then whoever grabs the GOP nomination needs to have enough cash and staff to run a political commando op. A hit and run, a shoot and scoot. Since the GOP team will be liberated from trying to win they can focus on getting AOC mad in a series of stick and move message assaults. This will push the thin-skinned AOC to even more flights of lunacy. Those batty lines then can be used to nationally advocate for a GOP House, if AOC and her types are the alternative.

That tactic could play well for the Republicans in close House races across the country.

So we’ll need a berserker, a person who has no problem with a political one way mission they can leverage later into a posh spot in the Trump administration, to fight the GOP November effort and a team that pulls no punches.

Given what AOC herself consistently says, she wants a slugfest against the party of Donald Trump.

Let’s give her one.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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