These Boys Got the Surprise of a Lifetime from a World War II Hero


Ten year old twins Carter and Jack Hanson love the board game Battleship. Their love of the game sparked their interest in the US Navy.

During a family vacation, the boys toured a retired aircraft carrier in Charleston, South Carolina — the USS Yorktown. While there, they learned about Robert Harding who served on the aircraft carrier during World War II. Curious about the lives of the sailors who lived on the Yorktown, they started corresponding daily with Harding.

“My mind was just blown. It blew. I just realized how amazing history could be!”

CBS News and the Yorktown surprised the twins on one of their recent visits to the Yorktown. Harding was there to meet them. The boys were so excited to meet their hero and friend that they were brought to tears.


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H/T: Legal Insurrection

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