The Trojan Horse Presidency

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On Wednesday night, President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress. In the past, these addresses have been widely viewed events.

In 2017, 48 million Americans tuned in to watch President Donald J. Trump and in 2009, 52.3 million tuned in to watch President Barack Obama.

Joe Biden’s address barely registered compared to his predecessors. A paltry 22 million Americans bothered to tune in to watch Biden’s rainbows and unicorns policy agenda setting speech.

The most shocking thing about this isn’t that almost no one tuned in or could be bothered to even care about it, the most shocking thing is that absolutely no one is shocked.

Biden’s presidential campaign rallies were famous for almost no one attending them. In late October of 2020, Biden held a Georgia campaign “rally” (and here I am using the term in the most generous way possible) that was hilariously attended by a couple of dozen people.

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The Georgia “rally” wasn’t the exception for Biden on the campaign trail, indeed it was the rule. Of course, that’s when Biden bothered to leave his basement in Delaware and campaign at all.

The entire Biden campaign was premised on keeping him hidden from voters and banking on an assist from the legacy media. An assist the media was all too happy to hand him, failing to press the candidate on any issue of note and making Biden the least vetted Presidential candidate of all time.

Since taking office, Biden has shrunk the visibility of the office of the presidency to a place of almost unthinkably small irrelevance. The bully pulpit of the White House now carries the same weight as words scrawled on the stall in a truck stop bathroom.

Conservatives should not take heart in Biden’s irrelevance. It’s not an accident, the left knows that their radical agenda cannot be implemented if the American people know what that agenda actually is.

The left wants Biden to seem harmless. Ignore him, go about your life, Grandpa Joe couldn’t possibly be trying to implement the most radical agenda of any president in the history of our country.

Except, that is exactly what Biden is doing.

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The Biden presidency is the Trojan horse presidency. While Americans go about their days ignoring Biden and as the media acts more like Biden’s press team than the actual press – the Biden White House is actively pursuing and implementing a policy agenda more radical than any of us could have imagined.

Biden was sold to the country as a uniter, a competent – albeit incredibly old – Washington insider who had built a career as a mainstream Democrat. They sold Biden as a return to normalcy after the four years of Trump.

It was all a lie. A well-developed and well-executed lie, but a lie nonetheless.

As former Rep, Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) pointed out, the truth of the Biden presidency may come as a surprise to many Americans who voted for him based on the brand they were sold:

The policies of Biden and Harris must also come as a surprise to those who voted for the ticket hoping for some kind of reasonable middle ground. Instead, Biden has dispensed with his own long-held positions on abortion, court packing and the filibuster. And he has taken extreme positions on the Green New Deal, border security and the Second Amendment.

Conservatives have their work cut out for them if they hope to stop Biden’s radical agenda. We know the legacy media won’t hold him accountable and we know that Biden’s handlers will continue to sell him as some sort of centrist.

Even worse, now we know that Americans aren’t even paying attention.

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To stop the Biden agenda we are going to have to first get Americans to understand that they should be paying attention. Every single Republican running for office needs to make stopping Biden’s radical agenda the centerpiece of their campaigns:  from the Green New Deal, to billions is waste, to critical race theory, to efforts to end the filibuster, to court packing, to open borders, and on and on and on.

We can not be lulled into complacency by this administration. Biden isn’t boring and irrelevant by accident – it’s the plan and always has been.


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