The Media Knows Biden Is On Track To Lose This Election, Hence Their Ridiculous Narrative

I was sitting here thinking recently about how the media has to know that their candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, is on track to lose in a couple of weeks.

As you have seen for the last three years or so, the media’s go-to reaction is to throw a tantrum to fuel their spite and hatred for President Trump.

Democrats on all levels are very childish at heart. It’s like a younger sibling being insanely jealous of the other’s success and trashing his or her bedroom for retaliation.

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The people behind the past eight months of violence are preparing to burn, loot, murder, and turn our country upside down.

With law enforcement in most larger cities having been neutered, the citizens of those cities will be subjected to terrorism, the likes of which we have not seen yet in America.

Bernies Bros promised to burn down America if “Burnie” didn’t get the Democrat nomination! Antifa and Black Lives Matter took the call to arms!

The same will happen after the election; however, at that point, Antifa crybabies could be met with REAL insurrection force to stop them.

Dems Have Failed This Country

There is no denying how the Dems have failed miserably to comply with any of our founding principles, and so are in sedition and rebellion to this duly elected government of these United States.

Nothing has changed since Trump surprised the Washington and media elite in 2016, and the same lousy propaganda that passes as polling is still being dumped on the American people today.

Again no difference from then; since the DNC has become so docile and stupid, they failed because they violated the first rule of propaganda: do not believe your own propaganda as they are all lies.

Today, just as they are – to a man and woman – believing the polls delivered to their clients, are the American people served by this?

Not in the slightest.

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Either way, the problem is the DNC, who, because of their vanity, have chosen to set the nation ablaze in violence and rebellion and need to be leveled if we are ever to have peace again.

Dems Will Insist They Won The Election Again

This is exactly what I suspect is going on.

They will insist they have won, regardless of how much they lose by, and then set their Brown Shirts (Antifa black-clad storm troopers and BLM members in this case) loose on the country, to loot, burn, kill and destroy!

The new face of the Democratic Party.

I talked to a friend of mine 30 miles out of New York yesterday and she is very concerned about chaos.

She could hardly understand that friends and co-workers for many years have totally turned on her for being a Trump supporter. She was happy to find another Trump supporter on the opposite coast.

We had lost touch with each other over the years with many moves on both sides.

So I guess Facebook is good for something.

An End To This Insanity?

I hope that there will be a swift end to the violence and lots of arrests. I think that everyone is expecting lots of both once the election ends and Trump has won.

Trump can’t do a sweeping roundup of rioters until after the election—it will possibly affect the results, or at least everyone will think it will.

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The Trump voters and the converted non-voters in the previous election remember the feelings of the 2016 surprise to the country and we want to relive that surprise again this November.

The average Trump voter is conservative, religious, self-sustaining people who do not believe the government should be run from a political standpoint but from a business standpoint.

The people’s business is caring for their families, following the law, participating in local government so that Congress actually represents the people and not the politicians themselves.

The socialist Democrats see the writing on the wall, and they are getting ready when Mr. Trump gets both the popular vote and the electoral colleges – by a landslide.

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