Terrorist Stabs Man, But Wait Until You Find Out How the Victim Got His Revenge


It doesn’t get much more bada** than this guy.

An Israeli man who was collecting money for charity, became the victim of a terror attack when he was stabbed multiple times by a Palestinian terrorist. Overall, the attacker’s stabbing spree killed one American and injured over ten others.

But it’s this particular Israeli who actually stopped the attack despite his many stab wounds, when he removed the knife from his neck and stabbed the terrorist to death with it.

Let me repeat that – He removed the knife from his neck and stabbed the terrorist to death.

Now that’s some crazy Rambo-type action right there.

Via Mediaite:

When a Palestinian youth decided to go on a stabbing spree in the Israeli city of Petah Tikva, he picked the wrong victim.

The Times of Israel reports an unnamed 40-year-old Israeli was collecting for a charity downtown when his assailant descended upon him in a wine store. After being stabbed multiple times in the upper body, he managed to break away from his attacker and flee from the store.

Police say the man removed the knife from his own neck and decided to go back to the store. With the assistance of the owner, he subdued and stabbed the terrorist to death. Remarkably, despite being stabbed in the neck, the victim was sent to the hospital fully conscious and is now “in moderate condition.”

Learn more about the terror attack by viewing the report below …

Comment: Is this a case of justice, in that the terrorist died by his own weapon, at the hands of one of his own victims? Share your thought below.

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