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conor mcgregor hate speech
Creative Commons/Andrius Petrucenia Flickr
November 29, 2023
Conor McGregor is apparently under hate speech investigation in Ireland for social media comments he made about the recent riots…
Ryan Carson
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
October 4, 2023
Ryan Carson, a woke leftwing activist, was stabbed to death in New York City in a chilling unprovoked attack.
Brooklyn Dancer Stabbed
Source: Screenshot YouTube
August 1, 2023
Police are investigating an alleged hate crime after a Muslim teenager stabbed a Brooklyn dancer to death at a gas…
August 30, 2020
A black man just screamed "black lives matter" as he stabbed a white man in a random attack in Aurora,…
August 29, 2020
A black man just stabbed a white AutoZone worker in the neck after watching police shooting videos. The media is…
July 30, 2020
A white liberal has been accused of stabbing a black conservative reporter during riots in Portland, Oregon. The media is…
Texas Grandmother
May 19, 2020
A Texas police union is outraged after a newly-released career criminal stabbed an 80 year-old grandmother to death in Houston.
March 13, 2019
A police chief in San Jose hammered California sanctuary city policies following the arrest of a previously deported illegal immigrant…
May 20, 2016
Once again Target proves it doesn’t care about women and girls’ safety. A few weeks ago they announced they would…
March 8, 2016
This terrorist got more than he bargined for!