Brooklyn Dancer Brutally Stabbed To Death By Offended Muslim Stranger While Pumping Gas

Brooklyn Dancer Stabbed
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A horrifying incident took place in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday night that saw a professional dancer be brutally stabbed to death by a Muslim stranger at a gas station.

Brooklyn Stabbing

Yahoo News reported that the victim, who has since been identified as 28 year-old O’Shae Sibley, was dancing “exuberantly” at a Mobil station on Coney Island at around 11:15 p.m. on Saturday when he was stabbed to death by a Muslim stranger who was offended by his moves.

Sibley and his four friends were all shirtless and in swim trunks, as Saturday was one of the hottest days of the entire year. When they pulled up in a white sedan to pump gas, they all got out of their car and started “vogueing,” which The New York Post describes as “a stylized modern dance routine,” to the Beyoncé song “Renaissance.”

“They hated us cause we are gay!” Otis Pena, one of Sibley’s friends, wrote on Facebook afterwards alongside photos of the disturbing scene. “[They were] screaming we Muslim and we don’t like gays!!!!! As we are innocently pumping gas and ya’ll decided to stab on one of us!!!”

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Witness Speaks Out

A fight broke out at the gas station between Sibley’s friends and another group of men who accosted them. The entire incident was reportedly caught on camera, and police are still looking for a 17 year-old male suspect who was seen fighting with Sibley in the footage, seemingly stabbing him in the chest.

The unnamed teenage suspect is believed to be Muslim, and he allegedly told Sibley and his friends that he was offended that they were dancing shirtless in their swimming trunks. Summy Ullah, 32, witnessed both the argument and the stabbing.

“They were saying, ‘Oh, we’re Muslim, so don’t do this in front of me,’” Ullah recalled. “From that I think it looks like a hate crime.”

“Nothing else was going on. They were only dancing,” he added. “This guy was dancing in underwear and the suspect was like ‘Why are you dancing in your underwear?’”

Ullah went on to say that he believes this was a hate crime.

“Obviously, they are gay and if they are dancing that’s the problem they had,” he said.

Ullah also said that Sibley’s group had tried to stand up to their attackers by saying, “You like girls, you look like you’re into girls, but we are not into girls. We have our own life. We can do whatever we want, you know. We’re dancing, that’s our life.”

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Sibley Honored

Sibley moved to New York City from Philadelphia three years ago to pursue a dance career, and he was employed as a dancer and choreographer with the Ailey Extension program.

“The Ailey organization mourns the tragic death of O’Shae Sibley, who was a cherished and devoted participant in our Ailey Extension program of dance classes,” the studio said in a statement.

“O’Shae had incredible energy in the studio and was loved by instructors and fellow students. He recently shone during a special demonstration of West African dance at The Ailey Spirit Gala,” the statement continued. “We are shocked and heartbroken that O’Shae’s life has been taken by senseless violence, and extend our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.”

Since the alleged perpetrator of this stabbing appears to be a Muslim, you likely won’t be hearing much about this from the mainstream media. We can only hope that this Muslim teenager is apprehended as quickly as possible, because it’s not safe to have someone like him out on the streets.

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