Ted Kennedy & George Washington Share a Birthday; Guess Who Democrats Celebrated

Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy

George Washington and Ted Kennedy share the same birthday. Rather than honoring our first President, the Democratic Party chose to celebrate Kennedy.

In an era when Democrats continually accuse Republicans of waging a war on women, it is amazing that their hypocrisy in honoring Ted Kennedy goes almost unchallenged by the media.

In 1969, Kennedy was driving a former staffer of the late Bobby Kennedy, Mary Jo Kopechne, back to her hotel following a party. An intoxicated Kennedy drove his car off a bridge and into the water. After escaping, Kennedy chose to wait until morning to report the incident. He left Mary Jo to die.

When divers reached Kopechne’s body, it was discovered that she didn’t drown, rather she suffocated. Essentially, if Kennedy had immediately reported the incident, Mary Jo likely would have been saved as she survived for several hours with the aid of an air pocket in a wheel well.

“It looked as if she were holding herself up to get a last breath of air. It was a consciously assumed position. … She didn’t drown. She died of suffocation in her own air void. It took her at least three or four hours to die. I could have had her out of that car twenty-five minutes after I got the call. But he [Ted Kennedy] didn’t call.”
– testimony of diver John Farrar, Inquest into the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Edgartown District Court. New York: EVR Productions, 1970.

While Kennedy’s Presidential hopes likely were destroyed by Mary Jo Kopechne’s death, he served in the US Senate for decades. He also was one of the first nationally known Democrats to endorse Barack Obama in his 2008 bid for the presidency. Kennedy’s endorsement was seen as a game changer.

Kopechne was involved in the civil rights movement. She even moved to Alabama to teach as part of the movement following her graduation from college in 1962. It’s ironic that a woman who actually was a part of the civil rights movement that helped move this country towards electing a minority President was killed by the man whose endorsement bolstered his campaign.

Ted Kennedy served a two month suspended sentence in Mary Jo’s death. Her mother said, “I don’t think he ever said he was sorry.”

Rather than honor our first President, this is who the Democrats decided to celebrate.

Are you surprised that George Washington was looked over for Ted Kennedy? Please comment below.

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