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Mike Johnson
November 6, 2023
Mike Johnson, the devoutly Christian new Speaker of the House of Representative, fears God. But Democrats fear Mike Johnson.
Washington Columbus
September 20, 2023
New York City is considering legislation that could lead to statues of George Washington and Christopher Columbus being taken down.
John Adams
July 17, 2023
John Adams, America’s 2nd president, was a truly incredible man. Here are ten fascinating facts about this American icon.
We all have a pretty general understanding of the Revolutionary War, some may even consider themselves subject matter experts on this monumental period of human history.
Kirk Cameron
June 15, 2023
Kirk Cameron, the conservative Christian former star of “Growing Pains,” is warning parents that they must rescue their kids from wokeism.
February 16, 2023
Two representatives from Washington state are working together to reintroduce a bill from the 117th Congress to honor Vietnam War Veterans.
july 4 founding fathers
June 25, 2022
It seems appropriate to always spend a moment remembering who our Founding Fathers were and what they did for us.
rename george washington university
May 17, 2022
Caleb Francois of the George Washington University penned an op-ed arguing for changing the name of his university in the name of racial justice.
August 4, 2021
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich claimed that Democrats want to “drown traditional, classic Americans” with immigrants.
Kennedy Biden
GOP Senator John Kennedy claimed that Joe Biden has a “Ph.D” in lying, adding that he’s “not telling the truth” on defunding the police.
Remembering Trump's Patriotic 4th Of July Speech At Mt. Rushmore Celebrating America's Great Heritage
June 30, 2021
President Donald Trump delivered one of the most rousing celebrations of American principles and heritage Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.
george washington canceled
February 14, 2021
George Washington is the first president many on the far-left believe he should be canceled – erased from American culture and history.