Ted Cruz is slamming CNN’s Chris Cuomo after Cuomo reported fake news about his own news network.

It began on his CNN show, with Cuomo claiming that Sen. Cruz (and other Republicans) wouldn’t appear on CNN to discuss guns following this week’s tragedy at a high school in Florida. The other Republicans Cuomo attacked were Florida’s governor Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio.

Then he took to Twitter, and accused the aforementioned Republicans of being “afraid” to appear on the show, because they would be “unwilling” to answer questions on gun violence. Rather, Cuomo said, they opted to appear on Fox News instead.

There’s just one problem, Cruz had already been on CNN to talk about gun violence by the time Cuomo sent that tweet.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, 

On Friday, Cruz responded to Cuomo’s allegations by announcing that on Thursday he had conducted a 15-minute interview with CNN. Cruz said the interview included a discussion of legislation he previously introduced with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) to provide $300 million for school safety, gun-crime prosecutions, and mental health. The bill failed to make it through the Senate after Democrats used their filibuster power to kill it.

Cruz even shared a photo from the interview, which has yet to air on CNN.

Catherine Frazier, Cruz’s senior communications adviser, also criticized the network for complaining that Cruz would not come on when the network gave her office little to no notice before when he would appear.

Cruz also mocked the claim that he could possibly be afraid of appearing on CNN, given the numerous lengthy debates with Bernie Sanders he’s had organized and aired on the network.

Given how upset CNN was that Cruz “wouldn’t be interviewed” by them, should we now expect them to air the interview that they apparently forgot had happened?

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