If you take statistics that liberals offer up regarding mass public shootings at face value, you’d be under the impression that we have a tragedy like the one we saw in Florida on Wednesday on a daily basis.

It’s not uncommon near the end of the year to see liberal pundits claiming we’ve seen over a thousand mass public shootings – which they can only claim by re-defining what a mass public shooting is. The way to do so is quite simple: stretch the FBI’s definition of a mass public shooting from an event where four or more are killed, to one in which four or more are injured.

A study published by “Everytown for Gun Safety” employed a similar statistical trick to “prove” that we’ve had 18 school shootings in America so far this year. That statistic is making its way around the internet:

Weird that the media missed all of those other shootings, right? Why would the entire news media cover the shooting in Florida, and ignore all those other mass public shootings? Because what the “Everytown” study means by “school shooting” is “shooting that occurs near a school.”

Even the Washington Post had to call B.S. on the study, reporting that “Everytown has long inflated its total by including incidents of gunfire that are not really school shootings. Take, for example, what it counts as the year’s first: On the afternoon of Jan. 3, a 31-year-old man who had parked outside a Michigan elementary school called police to say he was armed and suicidal. Several hours later, he killed himself. The school, however, had been closed for seven months. There were no teachers. There were no students.”

More from the report:

Also listed on the organization’s site is an incident from Jan. 20, when — at 1 a.m. — a man was shot at a sorority event on the campus of Wake Forest University. A week later, as a basketball game was being played at a Michigan high school, someone fired several rounds from a gun in the parking lot. No one was injured, and it was past 8 p.m., well after classes had ended for the day, but Everytown still labeled it a school shooting…

Just five of Everytown’s 18 school shootings listed for 2018 happened during school hours and resulted in any physical injury. Another three appeared to be intentional shootings but didn’t hurt anyone. Two more involved guns — one carried by a school police officer and the other by a licensed peace officer who ran a college club — that were unintentionally fired and, again, led to no injuries. At least seven of Everytown’s 18 shootings took place outside normal school hours.

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