Taliban Offered Easy US Exit, Biden Bungled It

The Biden administration, courtesy of the Taliban, had a lay up in Kabul and humped the pooch on it.

Biden Botched This Entire Situation

As they were approaching the outskirts of the city the Taliban, in communication with US military commanders, offered to stay out of Kabul until the US left.

That would have meant no prisoners leaving Bagram Airfield, no suicide bombers, no firefights at the Abbey Gate, and 13 brave American military personnel would likely be alive today. But the Biden administration was so in a hurry to surrender, so desperate to run, so hell bent on bugging out, it turned down the offer. Murder and mayhem ensued.

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Here’s What We Could Have Done

The administration falsely claims it would have had to control the entire city under the proposal. Why would we have expanded the mission like that? We could have held Bagram in check and established an orderly process at the main airport, all without the Taliban anywhere near.

We could have established an outer perimeter and secured it at every stage by gradually withdrawing into it as we came closer to accomplishing the evacuation. But we didn’t do that. We skedaddled with our tail between our legs for all the world to see.

The Biden administration is trying to conflate an orderly sans Taliban evacuation with control of the entire city, just as they are trying to conflate the bungled evacuation with the decision to leave Afghanistan. They have been called out on this trick by even the mainstream media. They continue this gambit at their own political peril.

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Washington Post Report

Fox News reported:

 “The Biden White House appears to read the Washington Post carefully, but Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed ignorance Monday about a major report from the outlet regarding the crisis in Afghanistan.

In a lengthy account of how the Taliban rapidly seized Afghanistan amid the U.S. troop withdrawal, the Post reported the Biden administration was offered the responsibility of securing Kabul after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled.

Aware of President Joe Biden’s desire to withdraw all U.S. troops, despite the Afghan government’s rapid collapse, head of U.S. Central Command Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie told the Taliban ‘the U.S. mission was only to evacuate American citizens, Afghan allies and others at risk.’ “

RealClearPolitics White House reporter Philip Wegmann cited the Post’s report that the “Taliban offered to stay out of Kabul and let the United States forces secure the city,” but the U.S. said it only needed the airport for its mission.

“Is that reporting accurate?” he asked at Monday’s press briefing. “I have not seen this reporting,” Psaki said. “I have to look at it.”

“On the spot, an understanding was reached, according to two other U.S. officials: The United States could have the airport until Aug. 31. But the Taliban would control the city,” the Post reported.

We had the city, and all that meant, in our hands and we dropped the ball. It is criminal incompetence.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 3, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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