Poll: More Americans Want 2020 BLM Protests Investigated Than They Want January 6 Investigation

A new Rasmussen poll shows that more Americans want the 2020 summer Black Lives Matter riots investigated than want an…

1 year ago

Michigan Republican Party Headquarters Vandalized With Hateful Anti-Cop Messages

The Michigan Republican Party's headquarters in Lansing was vandalized on Sunday night with hateful, profanity-laced messages against police and immigration…

2 years ago

BLM Leader – Rioting And Violence Are By Design To Abolish The Police

Shaun King, a major figure in Black Lives Matter, has revealed that the movement's efforts to promote violence in American…

2 years ago

Of Course Minneapolis Officials Can Protect Their Voters – They’re Choosing Not To

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Police told the citizens to obey the criminals in an attempt to give them safety…

2 years ago

Watch: Portland’s Democrat Mayor Joins Protesters – Has Objects Thrown At Him And Gets Tear-Gassed

Trump-trashing Democrat Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, paid a visit to protesters in his city and was promptly cursed out,…

2 years ago

Tucker Carlson Slams ‘Dangerous’ CNN For Calling Violent Minneapolis Rioters ‘Protesters’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore CNN apart for referring to violent rioters in Minneapolis setting fires to businesses and…

2 years ago

Florida Doctors Rip Down Elderly Man’s Trump Flag – End Up Getting Arrested

It is okay to have other opinions, it's not okay to break the law.

2 years ago

Catholic Church Vandalized With Pro-Abortion Graffiti

Joshua Gill on May 20, 2019 Catholic parishioners in Pennsylvania discovered Sunday that a vandal spray-painted their church with pro-abortion…

3 years ago

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Vandalized With Spray Paint

Every day this week, we're hearing about more confederate monuments and statues being removed, either by legislators or by Antifa…

5 years ago