Of Course Minneapolis Officials Can Protect Their Voters – They’re Choosing Not To

Of Course Minneapolis Officials Can Protect Their Voters - They're Choosing Not To

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Police told the citizens to obey the criminals in an attempt to give them safety advice since they were not able to help save many victims due to not having enough law enforcement officers employed.

NOTE: They canceled the August Police Academy class too.

The government of Minneapolis “cannot” protect its constituents? Of course, it can. The government of Minneapolis has taken the position it WILL NOT protect its constituents, which is crazy.

The people of Minneapolis voted for what they wanted, and now they deserve to get it right and hard to paraphrase Mencken. Ditto for the ones in New York City, Seattle, Portland Chicago San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.

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I know many would agree with me that the people that live in the counties that border Minneapolis should be setting up checkpoints and sincerely vet anyone wanting to leave. The states that border Minnesota should do the same. Maybe President Trump should look at a 2nd wall right around the Mason Dixon line.


Isn’t it unfortunate that those violently protesting fail to understand that just actions derive justice? Burning out businesses, looting, robbery, vandalism, and violent assaults are not the actions taken by men and women seeking justice.

No, those actions of destruction are the corrupting tools of the mob who seek only to satisfy their rage momentarily.

When the state refuses to uphold the law, then they, in abdicating their state law enforcement, legitimize the decision by the population to rely on the 2nd Amendment for self-defense. Look for this to both happen and lead to court cases where the state tries to do to citizens in court what they refuse to do for citizens on the street. Jury nullification needs to be promoted in those types of cases.


City after city. Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Memphis, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Camden, Gary, Milwaukee, St Louis, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland, Cleveland et. al. All formerly thriving vibrant cities destroyed by progressive/liberal/democrat policies and now shadows of what they once were.

When will it end?

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Policing and crime prevention are services for which citizens pay dearly. The fact that Minneapolis politicians refuse to deliver what the citizens paid for should be treated just as we would any default contract – demand the city refund the cost of the 3rd precinct and turn it into a private, citizen-owned law enforcement agency that promises to enforce the laws and act with immunity.

Many police officers would gladly join, many of whom are already qualified, trained, and living in Minneapolis. I would also suggest the precinct hire their attorneys whose first case would be to sue the Mayor, Governor, BLM, Antifa, and the DNC to repair all the damage done by these rioters. Rather than directing the police to let the riots continue, use deadly force to end them where necessary.


I’d like to see a good old fashioned tarring and feathering done by a large group of irate citizens. Combine it with being ridden out on a rail too. It would be a brutal way to exit office, but the next mayor might pay more attention to the legitimate needs of the citizenry.

For many of us, we are left with the memories of how great our cities of birth once were but are now long destroyed by the commiecrat mayors that surrendered to the crazies who turned those cities to unlivable slums.

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Minnesotans time to stand up, fight back, and for damn sure vote smarter. God helps those who help themselves. Get your permit to open carry. Be serious.

There’s no duty to retreat facing sudden dangerous attack and threat of bodily harm. Stop the threat. You have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.






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