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A recent poll shows Donald Trump expanding an already sizeable lead over the rest of the GOP field for 2024.
December 21, 2023
Young Donald Trump voters want Tucker Carlson or Vivek Ramaswamy as his Vice President, according to a new straw poll.
vivek van jones
December 21, 2023
Earlier this month, CNN’s Van Jones accused 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy of being a “demagogue.”
Obama Trump
August 3, 2023
Barack Obama is reportedly terrified of the “political strengths” of Donald Trump, and will do anything to re-elect Joe Biden.
CNN political analyst Van Jones described President Biden's performance during Wednesday's press conference as "foggy" and "meandering."
January 20, 2022
CNN political analyst Van Jones described President Biden’s performance during Wednesday’s press conference as “foggy” and “meandering.”
THANKSGIVING - Here's The Top 5 Funniest Liberal Reactions To The Virginia 2021 Election
November 17, 2021
The recent Virginia special election in which Youngkin beat Democrat McAuliffe produced more than a few hilarious reactions by leftists.
Van Jones Calls Democrats ‘Annoying And Offensive And Seem Out Of Touch’
November 4, 2021
CNN commentator Van Jones said that Democrats today come across as “annoying and offensive and seem out of touch in ways.”
Van Jones Calls Youngkin Win ‘Delta Variant of Trumpism’ — ‘Same Disease, But Spreads a Lot Faster’
November 3, 2021
Glenn Youngkin CNN political commentator and former Obama administration official Van Jones said Youngkin was the “Delta variant of Trumpism.”
Van Jones Derek Chauvin
June 26, 2021
CNN host Van Jones said that Derek Chauvin being sentenced to 22 years for the murder of George Floyd was a “punch in the gut.”
April 21, 2021
CNN’s Van Jones bragged that “the protesting worked” after the Derek Chauvin verdict, adding “the voting worked.”
Van Jones Police
April 14, 2021
CNN host Van Jones just spoke out to say that policing in America is “dumb and dangerous and discriminatory.”
Sunny Hostin
February 6, 2021
Sunny Hostin confronted CNN’s Van Jones on “The View,” saying that “people in the black community don’t trust you anymore.”
CNN’s Van Jones Says He Was 'Crying' Over Biden Inauguration: 'Thank God, Hallelujah, And Jesus' 
January 21, 2021
CNN’s Van Jones said that he broke down in tears while watching the new Biden administration take its place in Washington.