Far-left CNN political analyst Van Jones, a former Obama staffer, described President Biden’s performance during Wednesday’s press conference as “foggy” and “meandering.”

Jones went so far as to compare Biden to President Ronald Reagan, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

The political pundit said such a sketchy performance might go over without a hitch if you’re popular and successful, but in the current climate simply won’t fly.

“You could be a foggy, meandering president — say like Reagan near the end — if you’re winning,” Jones said. “But if you’re foggy and meandering on key questions, and you’re also not winning, then you got a real problem.”

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‘Foggy’ Biden

Van Jones’ assessment of President Biden is strikingly different from his reaction at the inauguration one year ago today.

For, on that day, Jones became emotional and was literally praising God for Donald Trump’s successor.

“I mean, just a press conference, and there was a human, and the person said words, and the words made sense,” the CNN analyst marveled at the time.

“Then somebody asked a question, and then the person answered the question, and you are just crying. Oh my God,” Jones continued later adding, “Thank God, hallelujah, and Jesus, I’m so happy.”

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25th Amendment

Van Jones wasn’t the only critic who found Biden’s ‘foggy’ press conference to be concerning.

Fox News commentator Lisa Boothe wondered, “Did no one in Biden’s life love him enough to try to stop him from running? This is just embarrassing. He’s not fit for office.”

“This press conference marks the effective end of the Biden presidency,” Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak surmised. “Let the 25th Amendment discussions begin.”

Of the former Presidents who had signs of mental impairments after the ratification of the 25th Amendment, there were Richard Nixon (alcohol abuse) and Reagan (some allege early signs of Alzheimer’s).

House Democrat Earl Blumenauer (OR), in trying to suggest invoking the amendment for former President Donald Trump, mentioned Reagan in an op-ed in 2017.

“Staff in the Reagan White House considered whether to invoke these provisions,” he wrote, “expressing concerns with the President’s mental capability – perhaps recognizing the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.”

Will more Democrats or left-wing pundits express similar mental health concerns in Biden?

President Biden dismissed a reporter’s question about his mental fitness and American voters’ perception of him during the ‘foggy and meandering’ press conference.

Newsmax White House reporter James Rosen asked the President about a recent Politico poll which discovered a mere 48% of respondents disagreeing with the statement: “Joe Biden is mentally fit.”

Biden’s press conference did little to dispel such an assertion as he oftentimes seemed detached.

“I didn’t over-promise but I have, probably, outperformed what anybody thought would happen,” the President said of his performance this past year.

He said that despite a 33% approval rating, a thoroughly botched Afghanistan withdrawal of which he made “no apologies,” and working Americans seeing their real wages declining and inflation soaring to 7% from over a year ago.