Study: Many Former Presidents Have Had Mental Illness, None Were Removed

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Democrats have proven time and again that there is no level in which they’re unwilling to stoop when it comes to President Trump.

This is evidenced by renewed efforts to paint him as mentally unfit, while plotting to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

The 25th Amendment is a constitutional provision allowing for the removal of the President should he be deemed medically, or as Democrats are hoping mentally, unfit.

“There are many moments in which the 25th Amendment has come up,” Michael Wolff, ‘author’ of the White House tell-all, “Fire and Fury,” said.

Two problems arise with this scheme – 1) Nobody has diagnosed Trump with a mental disorder and 2) The term ‘mental illness’ is so vague that Democrats are walking a slippery slope on using personality disorders that can be identified in many Americans.

In fact, a study by Jonathan Davidson of the Duke University Medical Center and his colleagues in 2006, analyzed past presidents from 1776 to 1974 and discovered that half of them had suffered from some form of mental illness, while a good 27 percent had experienced symptoms and signs while in office.

Depression is a recurring theme for several presidents. Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and Thomas Jefferson all exhibited signs and met the criteria for clinical depression. Dwight Eisenhower was formally diagnosed as having depression as well.

Others suffered from forms of anxiety, such as social phobias or generalized anxiety disorders. Still, some had alcohol abuse and dependence in their histories.

Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt were widely believed to exhibit signs of bipolar disorder

Of those who had signs of mental impairments after ratification of the 25th Amendment, there was Nixon (alcohol abuse) and Reagan (some allege early signs of Alzheimer’s).

It would appear that based on history, Democrats are going to have to come up with something else aside from ‘really mean tweets’ in their quest to remove President Trump from the White House.

Will Democrats succeed in invoking the 25th Amendment? Share your thoughts below!

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