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African Reporter Confronts Jen Psaki On Biden’s ‘Racist’ COVID Travel Ban

Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba flipped the script during Thursday's White House press briefing when he asked Biden Press…

1 year ago

In National Address, Biden Claims Trump Met COVID Pandemic With ‘Silence’

On Thursday, in President Joe Biden's first national address since Inauguration Day, he falsely claimed that former President Trump met…

2 years ago

President Biden Signs Over A Dozen Executive Orders To Overturn Donald Trump Agenda

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed many executive orders that would immediately overturn some of the top priorities of former…

2 years ago

Biden’s ‘Xenophobia’ Comments Are Hotly Contested Post Debate – Here’s The Facts

During the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, Donald Trump accused 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden of calling his travel…

3 years ago

Biden Spokesman Loses It On Live TV When Asked If Democrat Presidential Nominee Uses Teleprompter

The national press secretary for the presidential campaign of Joe Biden went bonkers on live television when he was asked…

3 years ago

Former Obama Advisor Susan Rice Blames Trump for Coronavirus Deaths

Susan Rice, a national security advisor during the Obama administration, blamed President Trump for American coronavirus deaths. Rice: Trump's Actions…

3 years ago

AOC Says Trump Ignored Scientists And Now People Are Dying Unnecessarily

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said President Trump is displaying an “epic level of negligence and incompetence that is costing…

3 years ago

Europeans Throw Tantrum Over Trump Travel Ban

The president was only protecting the United States from the spread of coronavirus.

3 years ago

Trump Administration Imposing Travel Ban On Chinese Officials Linked To Muslim Persecutions

Jason Hopkins on October 9, 2019 The U.S. government slapped visa bans on Chinese officials connected to the mass detainment and…

4 years ago

MSNBC Says Travel Ban ‘What Osama Bin Laden’ Wanted

The Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump's travel ban yesterday in a 5-4 decision, proving that it was constitutional all…

5 years ago

Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

The Supreme Court just handed down a big win for President Trump by upholding his infamous travel ban on Muslim-majority…

5 years ago

After Criticizing Trump’s Travel Ban, Theresa May Assassination Plot Thwarted

After criticizing President Trump's attempt to secure our nation via a travel ban from countries with known terrorist activities, British Prime…

5 years ago