Tom Steyer

Who Are the Top Big Money Campaign Donors in 2022?

In the contentious 2022 cycle, record amounts of money are being raised and spent by candidates.  As might be expected,…

3 months ago

Report: Senator Raphael Warnock Fundraises With Wealthy Green Energy Advocates Weeks After Voting in Favor of Climate Change Legislation

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock has been cozying up to wealthy investors advocating for green energy initiatives just weeks after voting…

4 months ago

Sanders Fires Back At Hillary After She Attacks Him – ‘Unlike Secretary Clinton, I Don’t Want To Relive 2016’

Sanders almost sounds like Trump in his response to Clinton's criticism.

3 years ago

President Trump Has The Advantage, But Don’t Underestimate Biden

It's easy to do. But we do so at our own peril.

3 years ago

Amy Klobuchar Ends Her Presidential Campaign – Endorses Joe Biden

She is the third candidate to drop out since the SC primary.

3 years ago

Steyer Throws In The Towel After 3rd Place Finish In SC

He had no business getting in the race.

3 years ago

Biden Not Out Yet, Holds Hefty Lead in South Carolina Polls

Biden is ahead by 20 points in some polls.

3 years ago

Trump Mocks Democrats ‘Crazy’ Debate: Just ‘Give Me an Opponent!’

After the Democratic debate in South Carolina Wednesday night, President Trump taunted the presidential candidates for their “crazy, chaotic” debate,…

3 years ago

South Carolina Democrat Debate Becomes Free Fire Zone – Mayhem Ensues

The most important Democrat debate of the primary season degenerates into a two hour shouting match.

3 years ago

Tom Steyer Schools Bernie Sanders: Socialism ‘Never Worked,’ in America ‘We Stand For Freedom’

During a CNN town hall on Monday, long shot 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer went after Bernie Sanders over…

3 years ago

Democrats Rush To Use Obama In Campaign Ads

They are fighting yesterday's battles in a continuing loop.

3 years ago