WATCH: Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Dances to Rap Music on Stage with Wife

Just stop.

Tom Steyer

Democrat candidate for president Tom Steyer and his wife did a freestyle rap dance to 1999’s “Back that Azz Up” Friday night at a historically black college in South Carolina.

Where do you start with this?

Do you begin with the out-of-sync spasmodic gyrations of the definitely not groovy plaid tie-wearing candidate? His poor wife who got dragged into the awful scene? Or the absurd lengths white rich Democrats will go to make themselves seem relevant to minorities and blue collar voters, only to come off as pathetic jokes?

Yeah, the last one.

LifeZette has talked to several political operatives this morning on Steyer busting a move. Stacy Shea, a noted GOP SC operative, was incredulous. “Just God no,” was her reaction.

Two Democrat Hill staffers with years of campaign experience, when made aware of the video of Steyer’s dance fever by LifeZette, respectively and anonymously (they want to keep their jobs) said, “What the f***?” and “Is he high?”

Maybe he is.

High on the illusion that weird contrived scenes of sad sclerotic pink billionaires making themselves look ridiculous will somehow add up to votes. It was the same deal when Liz Warren made a video of herself drinking a beer, except she held the beer like she was holding an angry cobra. She also came within an inch of ralphing it after she hesitantly took a swig. Not quite Chardonnay, huh Liz?

There are some things that are only funny and there are some things that are only cringeworthy. This Steyer thing is both. And not sure which is worse, Steyer and Warren’s fake “Oh Look! I’m a real person!” efforts to try to impress black and working voters or Pete Buttigieg’s “Rage In Favor of the Machine!” shtick.

Both are badly aimed political come-ons targeted at voters who know better. However, the very attempt is unintentionally amusing. For our purposes, that is the part that matters.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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