South Carolina Democrat Debate Becomes Free Fire Zone – Mayhem Ensues

The most important Democrat debate of the primary season degenerates into a two hour shouting match.


This was the big one, the last debate before the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday. There are more Democrat delegates at stake over the next week than there are at any other time in the entire nomination process.

What did the Democrats do with that opportunity? They made strange gaffes, screamed at each other, and proved to the American people that every person on stage in Charleston Tuesday night was unfit to be president of the United States.

In synopsis? Bernie Sanders dominated, Joe Biden was improved, Pete Buttigieg held his own, Amy Klobuchar went nowhere, Mike Bloomberg stayed unimpressive, Liz Warren was desperate, and Tom Steyer didn’t matter. All of them pandered the night away in the political equivalent of a minstrel show. They shouted over each other at every opportunity.

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Here are details.


The night was about him as everyone went after the Vermont socialist one way or another. He took it in stride and successfully parried most attacks. He doubled down on his pro-communism and took shots at Buttigieg and Bloomberg, trying to use them as a foil for his radical proposals.

He got hit on being a communist sympathizer by Buttigieg, on guns by Biden, on being a Putin pal by Bloomberg, on being polarizing by Klobuchar, and got booed by the crowd more than once.

He blamed America for all the ills of the world. None of it stopped his momentum and he is the candidate to beat from this point on. This pleases the current and, given Sanders’ electability, also likely soon to be reelected president of the United States.


Improved and passionate, but it was too little too late. His gaffe that “150 million” people were killed in gun violence in the U.S. as of late only reminded people how out of it he generally is and his attack on Steyer was inexplicable. But the crowd seemed to feel sorry for him and gifted him with sustained applause several times. He flat out said, “I will win South Carolina.” Ouch.


His smooth as silk routine is beginning to seem staged and slick. But he took no great hits last night and landed a couple of nice punches on Sanders. He indirectly called Bloomberg a racist and was the worst on blatantly pandering to black voters in a patronizing car salesman sort of way. The night was a wash for him. Still a veep wannabe.


So desperate to get in the game she flailed wildly to and fro, to no avail. She got to Sanders a couple of times and the media panel seemed to like her. Otherwise, meh.


Learned nothing from his disastrous performance last week. Came off as contrived and very weird. All others painted him as Scrooge McDuck and Sanders went after him repeatedly. He did talk some sense, but it was usually in response to communist nonsense from Sanders.

His attempted self-deprecating ironic jibe, that he wondered why the others showed up at all given his great debate last week, fell flat and was badly delivered. He spoke, to no one’s comprehension, of a “naked cowboy.” He has cash, that’s it. Though, that cash still matters and will until Milwaukee.


Past annoying and has become the human form of fingernails on a chalk board. Her fake indignant hit on Bloomberg over him allegedly telling a female employee, in regards to a pregnancy, to “kill it,” is strange. Why is she so upset? She advocates killing babies by the millions. The wretch, for good reason, is not even a minor factor anymore in this primary season.

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Was so desperate he came out for slavery reparations and got so red in the face the paramedics were probably on standby. He said all of DC was bought by the big corporations. Does that include your own Democrat-run House, huh genius? He should go away and let the big kids decide the nomination.

On to South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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