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teacher jk rowling
February 5, 2024
In less than five minutes, the teacher helps a young student through a simple critical thinking exercise debunking the alleged transphobia illustrated by acclaimed children’s author J.K. Rowling.
A student in a Seattle public school district allegedly was given a failing grade by an "activist" teacher after he indicated on a quiz question that men can't get pregnant.
December 12, 2023
A student allegedly was given a failing grade by an “activist” teacher after he indicated on a quiz question that men can’t get pregnant.
Danielle Allen
August 10, 2023
A Texas teacher who described herself as a “black supremacist” and said that she loves “being racist” has been fired.
Teacher Home Intruder
August 3, 2023
Marjorie Perkins, an 87 year-old retired elementary school teacher, managed to fight off a home intruder and then feed him a snack.
indiana teacher pronouns
April 10, 2023
A federal appeals court ruled that an Indiana high school did not violate the law when it fired a music instructor to leave for refusing to accept the pronouns of transgender students.
marxist jung
March 20, 2023
Meet Mandi Jung, a Highland Park Middle School biology teacher in Minneapolis who teaches a different type of science class. Well, there doesn’t seem to be much science involved, but if your kid is interested in becoming a Antifa revolutionary, odds are they’re more likely to make Molotov cocktails instead of watching old Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes.
March 15, 2023
Teacher courses that promoted critical race theory in Michigan were funded by Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic relief funding.
A NYC teacher has been fired after suggesting officers flooding the streets during the funeral of fallen NYPD Detective Jason Rivera should be the target of "reciprocity" for an incident in 2020 involving an NYPD SUV and Black Lives Matter protesters.
February 1, 2022
A NYC teacher has been fired officers flooding the streets fallen NYPD Detective Jason Rivera should target “reciprocity” for incident in 2020
Substitute Teacher Fired For Singing Britney Spears In Class Instead Of Teaching
December 16, 2021
A substitute teacher in Texas was recently relieved of his teaching duties after singing, “Toxic,” by Britney Spears, on a karaoke machine
teacher quits critical race theory
October 14, 2021
Like many teachers across the state, I have watched nervously as schools begin to adopt curriculums that include Critical Race Theory.
A Teacher Who Told Her Students To Salute Gay Pride Flag Has Been Removed From Her Classroom
September 3, 2021
A California schoolteacher posted on social media a video of herself instructing students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag.
December 8, 2020
A teacher in Bend, Oregon was just placed on leave after flipping off anti-lockdown protesters in her community.