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CNN’s Dana Bash said Trump’s statement about the election and insurrection day made her feel “physically sick.”
rand paul vaccine
May 24, 2021
Senator Rand Paul said he will not be getting a COVID-19 vaccine because he already tested positive for the coronavirus last year.
Trump Hillary Clinton Sick
October 26, 2020
Hillary Clinton admits the very idea of a victory for President Trump on Election Day makes her literally “sick to my stomach.”
President Donald Trump said he’s not sure that face masks should be mandated, but that he would wear one in a “tight” crowd.
President Donald Trump has been tweeting that a possible COVID-19 vaccine was a huge possibility before the end of the calendar year.
Tapper Trump
April 7, 2020
CNN anchor Jake Tapper accidentally revealed his bias against the President, sharing a tweet that called Trump “100 percent insane”