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Tucker Carlson Shep Smith
February 6, 2021
Fox News host Tucker Carlson just ruthlessly and relentlessly mocked his former colleague Shep Smith, who is now at CNBC.
Shep Smith
January 20, 2021
Shep Smith spoke out to blast former Fox News colleagues for spreading “disinformation,” saying “I don’t know how some people sleep at night”
October 22, 2019
Former Fox News host Shepard Smith’s official social media accounts are no longer live following his departure from the outlet.
September 26, 2019
The media and Democrats joined forces to doctor the contents of the Trump-Ukraine transcript to create a narrative that simply doesn’t exist.
September 5, 2019
The afternoon cable TV host did not like some of the president’s commentary during Hurricane Dorian briefings this week — and ranted on and on about it
June 27, 2019
Fox News’ Shep Smith spent an entire segment trying to fact check President Trump’s claim about the border children with his version of alternative truths.
March 2, 2016
Fox News Shepherd Smith, in a somewhat exasperated tone, challenged a GOP strategist by suggesting the establishment’s lies to their base […]