Fox News’ Shep Smith Says Trump is WRONG, Claims to Have Real Facts About Border Children

Fox News’ Shep Smith spent an entire segment trying to fact check President Trump’s claim about the border children with his version of alternative truths.

If you do not watch Shep’s show on Fox News in the afternoon, he feels his job is to find the stories that seem to be getting away from the Democrats, in the narrative department,” and bring them back in utilizing his drama queen acting job. He constantly rewrites the narrative in real time as you will see in the video below and doesn’t look back with remorse, at any time.

Democrats use words such as concentration “camps” and “children” while Trump says things were bad, but he’s fixed a lot, and all this crying about the condition of the kids is fake news.

Smith needs to realize that the conditions of the border are due to a liberal Democratic-led dysfunctional House of Representatives not doing their jobs to provide for the needs of the legislative and funding requirements of the Border patrol. Put the blame where it belongs and quit misleading the public.

Why can’t we as citizens get to see actual footage of these facilities to determine for ourselves what the conditions are instead of relying on two distinctly different accounts? It’s easily verifiable. Enough of the politics – both sides need to start doing right by people.

Are the people in the detention centers not free to return to their home countries?

The host of “Shepard Smith Reporting” debunked President Donald Trump’s claim that the youngsters are being treated well ― and used the widely watched conservative network’s own reporting on the crisis to do so.

Smith highlighted the “deplorable” and “horrendous” conditions that some youngsters have been forced to endure at one particular facility in Clint, Texas, where they have been denied access to basic items including toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap.

“We reported accurately here yesterday that were these prisoners of war instead of innocent children, withholding of those items would be violations of the Geneva Convention,” Smith noted. “That’s what the president considers treating well the children of migrants who came across the border without documents.”

“Those are the facts,” he added. [Huff Post]

Fact check, if these illegals are truly fleeing poverty, how would they even know how to use a toothbrush? And these assumptions are from a few advocates interviewing a few migrant children? We need FACTS before assuming all of the detention centers are doing this.

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Border Patrol is not a magical place where understaff circumstances can magically produce a hotel with maids and five-star accommodations, they work with the resources Congress has given them, and they have been asking for resources for a LONG time, what do media expect to happen when there is inaction from Congress?

Shep Smith is incorrect. These people are there by their actions. We owe them no special considerations of luxury and comfort. I have personally seen these locations, and they are not as the media are alluding to. In the highly politicized climate of today, any person viewing these facilities will come away with conclusions supporting their views on the matter of confinement.

As a people, we are losing the ability to see beyond our own beliefs.

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