Shep Smith Rips GOP Establishment – Your Lies Led to Donald Trump


Fox News Shepherd Smith, in a somewhat exasperated tone, challenged a GOP strategist by suggesting the establishment’s lies to their base is what has led to the rise of Donald Trump.

“How much regret is there going to be,” Smith asked, that the GOP “pretended they could do things they knew they couldn’t to keep their base organized and active?”

Via Raw Story:

Fox News host Shep Smith grilled Republican strategist Doug Heye on Wednesday, arguing that Republicans created the conditions leading up to Donald Trump becoming the front-runner for the party’s presidential nomination.

Trump’s supporters, Smith said, are part of a second conservative party — people “who believe that they’ve been lied to by the establishment for cycle after cycle, [saying] ‘We’re gonna repeal and replace Obamacare.’ Every single person who knows one thing knew that you weren’t gonna repeal and replace Obamacare. Everybody knew it, even the people who were saying it.”

Despite that, he added, establishment GOP lawmakers kept saying they would gut the Affordable Care Act while not being able to do it.

“They don’t trust you anymore. Do you blame them?” Smith said of conservative voters. “Were they children and you the parent? Wouldn’t the child run away at 16?”

Watch the fiery exchange below …

Comment: Do you agree that Trump’s popularity is because of the establishment’s constant promises to their conservative base that they never followed through on? What is your theory behind Trump’s rise? Share your thoughts below.

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