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democrats ruined America
August 24, 2023
The Democrats have an ace in the hole in their relentless war on the Constitution – conservative America’s reverence for the concept of the rule of the law.
Hillary Clinton Says America In ‘Constitutional Crisis,’ Wants To End The Filibuster
October 1, 2021
Hillary Clinton once again voiced support for ending the filibuster and accused Republicans of not respecting the rule of law.
joe biden unconstitutional
September 29, 2021
Since he entered office, President Joe Biden has embarked on a mission to deface the United States Constitution.
Nikki Haley verbally slapped down presidential candidate Joe Biden after reports surfaced that he questioned her intelligence at a rally in South Carolina.
July 9, 2020
Nikki Haley told Sean Hannity that if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump in November, the country will become chaotic,
April 28, 2019
All judges who don’t uphold the law as it is should get the same fate, including those protecting the sanctuary […]