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This Activist Judge Thought She Could Help An Illegal Escape ICE — What Was She Thinking?

All judges who don’t uphold the law as it is should get the same fate, including those protecting the sanctuary cities across the USA.

Massachusetts Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph was indicted on federal charges of aiding and abetting for allegedly interfering with a federal investigation and obstruction of justice after letting an illegal alien escape her courtroom out the back door.

This past Thursday, a grand jury indicted Joseph which is a good start. Any politician, judge or attorney that doesn’t follow the rule of law when it comes to immigration should be subject to the full weight of the law.

The illegal alien was to be held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but the judge thought differently. Rules are rules, and apparently, this judge apparently needed to be reminded of this.

This soon-to-be-ex judge violated the law and hopefully will get her day in court- on the opposite side of the bench where she used to sit.

What we have here is escalating tensions between federal immigration officials and state and local authorities who refuse to help carry out the Trump administration’s aggressive immigration policies. Correction. These aren’t Trump’s aggressive immigration policies. What liberals are calling policies is what normal people call LAW!

I guess she didn’t think she would get into trouble for circumventing federal law enforcement agents from doing their job. She helped a criminal avoid being arrested. She could be disbarred if convicted.

Someone has to tell this judge in her lane. We have checks and balances and different branches for a reason. Judges are there for one reason, and that is to interpret the law. When they attempt to start writing it, they have overstepped their responsibilities.

State governments can write and pass all kinds of laws just as state judges can make varied rulings, but they do not supersede federal law. Years ago, Arizona tried to pass SB1070 to fight illegal immigration. Barack Obama’s DoJ sued and won because only the federal government has jurisdiction over immigration.

As part of her sentence, she needs to spend a month listening to the stories of victims of criminal illegals, angel moms, and DUI victims and families. She should have to listen to each one of them tell their story and then after each one, she should have to try to explain to that victim to their face why she snuck an illegal drug and alcohol criminal out the back door of the courthouse so he could be free to continue his crimes in this country.

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