Nikki Haley Warns ‘We Will Lose Our Rule Of Law’ If Biden Beats Trump In November

Nikki Haley verbally slapped down presidential candidate Joe Biden after reports surfaced that he questioned her intelligence at a rally in South Carolina.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told Sean Hannity Wednesday that if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump in November, the country will become chaotic.

“If we go with a President Biden,” Haley warned, “we will lose our rule of law, we will have the progressives really running away with everything, getting all of what they want and we will get closer and closer to the socialist countries that we have fought so hard not to become.”

Haley: ‘We’ve had true results with President Trump’

Haley then compared a President Biden scenario with Trump’s record.

“We’ve had true results with President Trump” she said. “You don’t have to like him but look at the results that he’s done and [how he’s] raised the quality of life for so many people.”

“Then look at the results of Biden with President Obama,” she continued. “The African-American community, women, Hispanics, none of us felt those results like we have with President Trump.”

“So facts matter. Results matter,” she added.

Haley made her comments hours after Biden said in an interview that some police department funding should “absolutely” be redirected to other areas.

Haley questions meaning of Black Lives Matter

South Carolina’s former governor also questioned the mission and meaning of Black Lives Matter movement, which she she said made the mistake of “picking and choosing which lives really do matter.”

“Why don’t the Black police officers that have been shot or have been chastised, why don’t their lives matter?” Haley asked. “How about the Black store owner whose business burned down? His life matters.”

“What about the families who are in threatening areas that need law enforcement to keep them safe?” she continued. “What about those six children that died [in shootings across America] over the weekend?”

“Those Black lives matter,” Haley said. “So why are we picking and choosing which ones matter?”

Defunding the police would turn America into Venezuela, says Haley

Haley also said of those on the left wanting to defund the police, “I’m telling you, if they want to turn into Venezuela, defund the police.”

“At the U.N., I saw what made America special and what separated us from other countries was the rule of law,” Haley said.

“It’s what allows us quality of life. It’s what allows us our freedom,” she finished.

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