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tim scott police funding
May 12, 2021
Tim Scott talked about his efforts on police reform and said that he is opposed to lowering the threshold for prosecuting police officers.
Al Sharpton Tells Tim Scott: ‘The Practice Of America Was Built On Racism’
May 4, 2021
Al Sharpton said to Tim Scott’s declaration that the U.S. is “not a racist country,” that “practice of America was built on racism.” 
tim scott police reform
April 29, 2021
Sen. Tim Scott said that Democrats want the issue of police reform to campaign on but don’t seem interested in finding a solution.
tim scott police reform
March 3, 2021
Black Republican Senator Tim Scott blasted House Democrats over their police reform bill, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
Kamala Harris
September 15, 2020
2020 Democrat VP candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris, said that under a Joe Biden administration she would be more progressive on police reform.
Vernon Jones Declares 'I Am Black And I Am A Democrat. But I Ain’t Voting For Joe Biden'
July 8, 2020
Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones said that even though he is a Democrat, he will not be voting for Joe Biden come November.
Scott Pelosi
July 1, 2020
Tim Scott revealed that his office was the recipient of numerous “racist messages” and placed the blame squarely on “liberal Democrats.”
Scott Pelosi
June 24, 2020
In a stunning escalation of rhetoric, Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans in the Senate of “trying to get away with … the murder of George Floyd”
June 17, 2020
Senator Tim Scott fired back after Democrat colleague Dick Durbin referred to the GOP police reform bill as a “token” approach.
CNN Van Jones
June 17, 2020
CNN political analyst Van Jones praised President Trump’s police reform executive order, stating it was “good stuff” and “a step in the right direction.”
Trump Executive Order
June 16, 2020
President Donald Trump signed an executive order to urge police departments nationwide to adopt stricter standards when it comes to use of force.