Nancy Pelosi Accuses Tim Scott, Republicans Of Trying To Get Away With The Murder Of George Floyd

Scott Pelosi

In a stunning escalation of rhetoric, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Republicans in the Senate of “trying to get away with … the murder of George Floyd” with their police reform bill.

The reform legislation, spearheaded by Tim Scott (R-SC), the lone African-American Republican in the Senate, seeks to promote minority hiring within police departments, use of a database to hold bad cops accountable, and restrict chokeholds.

Restriction of the chokehold is a hang-up for Pelosi and the Democrats who want the move banned outight even in situations where the officer’s life may be in peril.

“We’re saying no chokeholds,” Pelosi said during an interview with CBS News Radio. “They’re not saying no chokeholds. I mean, there’s a big difference there. What’s the compromise? Some chokeholds? I don’t see what the compromise is.”

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Getting Away With Murder

Pelosi then began lecturing Scott and the Republicans on the need to understand just how serious police brutality is in the United States.

“For something to happen,” she explained, “they’re going to have to face the reality of police brutality, the reality of the need for justice in policing, and the recognition that there are many, many good people in law enforcement, but not all and that we have to address those concerns.”

Scott has told the story several times of being stopped for “driving while black” even as a Senator.

“So far they’re trying to get away with murder – actually, the murder of George Floyd,” Pelosi concluded.

While Scott isn’t mentioned by name, he is certainly a member of the ‘they’re’ she’s referring to and with the bill being led by him, it’s a clear and direct shot at the GOP senator.

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Needless to say, Pelosi’s comments were met with swift backlash, many calling on her to apologize to Scott, while others were confused about how the House Speaker could point a finger at Republicans for Floyd’s murder.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) accused Pelosi of being a “rhetorical arsonist” while noting that CBS didn’t push back on her comments at all.

“It’s absolutely stunning that Democrats are trying to block common sense police reform while resorting to unhinged rhetoric to criticize Republicans,” they wrote in a statement.

“The Speaker of the House is an insufferable race-baiting poltician who would much rather see no action done than allow change to happen under [President Trump’s] leadership,” Ken Farnaso, the deputy press secretary for the Trump campaign tweeted.

“Say it to @SenatorTimScott’s face, Nancy,” he challenged.

They Think Scott is Beneath Them

Pelosi’s wild statement is just another involving a white Democrat talking down to a black Republican in the Senate.

Last week, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) slammed Scott’s police reform bill as “token” legislation, igniting a firestorm with the racially tinged comments.

Three years in and Democrats are still digging in, refusing to allow a legislative victory under this President, even for something a vast majority of Americans want to see right now in police reform.

You could probably have Republicans present a bill suggesting that all babies have the right to eat and the resistance party would fight it.

Pelosi and Durbin’s rhetoric is for one reason only – they simply cannot allow police reform legislation to pass under the leadership of a GOP Senator who happens to be black. The embarrassment would be devastating.

Does it get any more racist than that?

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