CNN Contributor Van Jones on Trump’s Police Reform Order – ‘Good Stuff’

CNN Van Jones

CNN political analyst Van Jones praised President Trump’s police reform executive order, stating it was “good stuff” and “a step in the right direction.”

The President worked together with law enforcement and community leaders to pursue safer policing and, by extension, safer communities in the wake of racial unrest resulting from the death of George Floyd.

Jones pointed to numerous positives in Trump’s order, including a database for ‘bad cops,’ banning the use of a chokehold in circumstances where the officer’s life is not at risk, among other aspects.

“The executive order is a good thing —uh, mainly because you saw the support of law enforcement there,” he admitted.

“There’s movement in the direction of a database for bad cops,” Jones continued. “We’ve never had a federal database for bad cops, that’s why these bad cops go all over the place doing bad stuff.”

“The idea that you can now have de-escalators now alongside cops. You can talk people down, and not shoot people down,” he explained. “The choke-hold, that’s common ground now between Pelosi and Trump. So, you see—good stuff there.”

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Trump Did in 40 Minutes What Biden Couldn’t Do In 40 Years

President Trump’s executive action is broad and effective, channeling the anger of a nation and turning it into actual meaningful reforms that can be built upon.

And it doesn’t demonize law enforcement by painting them with a sweeping brush of racism as Democrats and nearly every other commentator on CNN does.

“Law enforcement officers provide the essential protection that all Americans require to raise their families and lead productive lives,” the order reads.

“The relationship between our fellow citizens and law enforcement officers is an important element in their ability to provide that protection,” it continues. “By working directly with their communities, law enforcement officers can help foster a safe environment where we all can prosper.”

Trump’s executive order provides supplemental funding for police departments that meet prescribed criteria.

As quickly as Trump responded to the crisis, Biden, by contrast, has spent decades in government and done little more than set race relations in America back.

Biden spent much of his career building up the systems of mass incarceration that have decimated Black communities. He then failed to make any meaningful changes during his eight years as Vice President.

As President Trump put it, “Obama and Biden didn’t fix this during their eight-year period because they didn’t know how.”

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Jones Praises Conservatives For Criminal Justice Reform

Jones has repeatedly, and perhaps at times reluctantly, praised President Trump and conservatives for being leaders in the movement for criminal justice reform.

He even made an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2019 to applaud their efforts.

“Here’s the deal — the conservative movement in this country … is now the leader on this issue of [criminal justice] reform…” Jones said. “Take some dadgum credit for being smart. Take some dadgum credit for getting it right.”

President Trump, it seems, is getting it right once again while Congress bickers and flounders, accomplishing very little.

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