Report: Secret Commandos With Shoot-To-Kill Orders Were At The Capitol On January 6th

A shocking report indicates that authorities were concerned about events being planned at the Capitol on January 6th - so…

4 months ago

Biden Admin Tells Businesses To Ignore Federal Court Ruling That Halted Vaccine Mandate

The White House on Monday advised businesses to ignore a federal court's temporary halt on the vaccine mandate, saying they…

6 months ago

Department Of Justice Announces It Is Hiring First-Ever ‘Chief Diversity Officer’

The U.S. Justice Department has announced that it will have a new position: Chief Diversity Officer. This development was reported…

9 months ago

Texas Governor Greg Abbott: Local Officials Who Enforce Mask Mandates Will Be Fined

Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to fine any local officials who attempt to enforce new mask mandates. Abbott on Thursday…

10 months ago

Pastor Who Kicked COVID Police Out Of His Church Gets Another Visit, Sends Them Packing Again

A Canadian pastor who went viral for demanding that police officers checking for COVID compliance leave his church on Good…

1 year ago

Gretchen Whitmer Orders Masks To Be Worn Inside Michigan Smoking Lounges ‘At All Times’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) issued an order on Monday that mandates that masks must be worn in her state's…

1 year ago

NY Gym Owner Rips Up $15,000 Lockdown Fine On Live TV: ‘We Will Not Comply’

Robby Dinero, the owner of Athletes Unleashed gym located in Orchard Park, New York, tore up a $15,000 fine from…

1 year ago

Report: Gavin Newsom’s Maskless Indoor Dinner Involved 22 People, Cost Thousands Of Dollars

Emmy award-winning journalist Adam Housely is reporting that California Governor Gavin Newsom's recent maskless dinner at a restaurant known as…

1 year ago

NY Governor Cuomo Warns People Against Celebrating Thanksgiving – ‘Stay Away’ From Loved Ones

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke out on Thursday to warn people against celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends who…

1 year ago

D.C. Mayor: If You Are In Public And Over 2-Years-Old Without A Mask, You Could Be Fined Up To $1,000

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser issued an order Wednesday that proclaimed any person older than two-years-old not wearing a mask…

2 years ago

Ohio Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Governor’s Mask Order – ‘I’m Not Going To Be The Mask Police’

"I'm telling people don't call 911" upon observing Ohioans not wearing masks.

2 years ago

Governor Cuomo Keeps Dodging Questions About Whether Nursing Homes In New York Are Safe

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to say that the criticism he has been getting for nursing home coronavirus deaths…

2 years ago