Governor Cuomo Keeps Dodging Questions About Whether Nursing Homes In New York Are Safe

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to say that the criticism he has been getting for nursing home coronavirus deaths is just his adversaries playing politics, yet still won’t answer straightforward if senior centers in his state are safe now.

The governor was slammed by critics for ordering nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients who were leaving hospitals, putting them in close proximity to the elderly – the demographic most vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Governor Cuomo keeps dodging the question regarding his early directive on COVID-19 patients and nursing homes

NBC News’ Chuck Todd asked Cuomo about this on Sunday, and Cuomo basically dodged the question.

“I’ve taken political heat, OK. There’s facts and then there’s politics,” Cuomo said on “Meet the Press.”

The governor then said the COVID-19 nursing home cases happened because “staff that got infected and brought it in,” rather than patients infecting other patients.

Still dodging…

When Todd asked if the nursing homes were safe, Cuomo dodged the question again, warning that senior citizens “have to be careful” anywhere they reside.

“They are as safe – well, in this state we’re testing every week every nursing home employee,” Cuomo said. “So you could argue that they are safer than a senior citizen at home who is receiving care at home. The safest environment? My mother? Stay home, don’t see anyone.”

“If you are at home and you have an aide coming in, that aide is not tested,” he continued. “In a nursing home, the staff is being tested once a week. And seniors do have to be careful, wherever they are.”

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Cuomo touts New York’s current low cases, while other states are seeing an increase in coronavirus patients

Cuomo touted New York’s decrease in coronavirus cases as other states spike. The governor also said the federal government was “in denial about the problem” and criticized them telling state officials, basically, “You’re on your own.”

Governor Cuomo said his state figured it out for themselves with great success, dismissing the CDC’s guidelines as “vague.”

“I don’t even know what they meant,” he added, referring to the CDC’s advice.

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