A New Era of News: Check Out

By Rob Torn, creator of Reading your local newspaper was once the only way to stay informed before the…

1 month ago

Report: Just Days After Launching, CNN+ Subscription Service Already Bracing For Layoffs?

Just days after launching CNN+, the cable news network is already facing reports that there are layoffs coming for its…

3 months ago

Here’s The Stark Difference Between How Media Treated Hunter’s Laptop And The Steele Dossier

New York Post reporter Jon Levine posted a thread showing the comparative media coverage of the Steele dossier, which launched…

3 months ago

Sinking Ship: CNN’s Ratings Plummet Nearly 90 Percent In Key Demographic

The new year got off to a bad start for CNN as the network's ratings for the first week reveal…

6 months ago

CBS’s Gayle King Says It’s Time to Live With Covid: ‘I’m So Tired Of Being Tired And Afraid’

This week, “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King said that she was “tired of being tired and afraid” of COVID-19. She…

6 months ago

Democrat Leaders Expect Big Losses In 2022 Elections, Possible Red Wave

A new report details how Democratic leaders are keeping their expectations low for the 2022 midterm elections, including the possibility…

6 months ago

Biden Loses ABC And CBS Over Afghanistan

There's more to come.

10 months ago

Chris Cuomo Apologizes For Advising His Governor Brother On Sexual Harassment Allegations: ‘I Am Family First’

On Thursday, CNN host Chris Cuomo apologized for advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on how to handle…

1 year ago

NBC Political Analyst: Biden ‘Knocking It Out Of The Park’ – But Later Looking And Sounding ‘Tired’

On Thursday, NBC News senior political analyst Jonathan Allen opined that he believed President Biden sounded and looked “tired” partway…

1 year ago

CNN’s First Biden-Era Ratings Are A Disaster

CNN saw their ratings crater by 44 percent in the first week of the Biden administration, something Variety says "may…

1 year ago

Shep Smith Blasts Former Fox News Colleagues For Spreading ‘Disinformation’ – ‘I Don’t Know How Some People Sleep At Night’

Shep Smith was known for arguably being the most liberal person at Fox News before he abruptly left the network…

1 year ago

Fox News Celebrates Ratings As ‘Most-Watched Cable News Channel In History’ – But Do The Numbers Tell The Whole Story?

Fox News is celebrating ratings success from this past year which made them the highest-rated cable news channel in history. The…

2 years ago