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Former AG Bill Barr Says He Was ‘Surprised’ Trump Didn’t Lose 2020 Election By More Votes
March 14, 2022
Bill Barr said that he was “surprised” that former President Donald Trump did not lose the 2020 presidential election by more votes.
new poll shows spending on police
October 27, 2021
A Pew Research Center poll shows the number of Americans who want more spending on police is increasing in contrast to the ‘defund the police’
October 2, 2020
Nancy Pelosi said that she didn’t think 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should debate President Donald Trump again.
July 6, 2020
For the first time in Gallup’s history, more Americans want to increase immigration than decrease it, if you wish to believe that.
December 23, 2019
The House Judiciary Committee seeks to have WH counsel Don McGahn testify, which could possibly lead to “additional articles of impeachment”