Former AG Bill Barr Tells CNN He Would Help Defeat Trump In 2024

Former AG Bill Barr Says He Was ‘Surprised’ Trump Didn’t Lose 2020 Election By More Votes

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has had a busy few days with the liberal media, telling CNN that he would help defeat former President Trump if he runs for President again in 2024.

In a separate interview, Barr told NBC’s Chuck Todd that he was “surprised” that former President Donald Trump did not lose the 2020 presidential election by more votes.

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Barr: ‘I felt for a long time he was going to lose the election’

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Barr revealed that, “I felt for a long time he was going to lose the election.”

“I went in in April and told him I thought he was going to lose the election. His personal behavior, obnoxious behavior, was turning voters away, and I felt he was going to lose. I was actually surprised it was as close as it was,” Barr said.

Earlier in the week, on Friday, Barr went on CNN to argue that the Republican Party is doomed in 2024 if they choose Trump as their standard bearer.

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Barr: Trump can’t win in 2024

Barr, who was often portrayed by the media as a unquestioning sycophant of the President, railed against his former boss while promoting his new book.

Speaking of the next presidential election, Barr said, “I think the Republicans can win a decisive majority, but I don’t think we can do it with Trump. He’s just too divisive a candidate.”

Barr told Tapper, “He’s not my idea of a president, and … I felt he was going to lose the election because he was not controlling himself. He was allowing this pettiness to come through, and I feel it’s one of his great failings.” 

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Trump had already been on the warpath against Barr

In a three-page letter to NBC’s Lester Holt, partially in response to media hits Barr was doing to promote his book, Trump took Barr to task as “slow, lethargic,” and more interested in “being accepted by the corrupt Washington Media and Elite than serving the American people.”

The Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss writes,

He (Trump) attributed Barr’s shift in rhetoric – from being a staunch supporter of Trump to providing soundbites for Democrats – to the resistance party having “broke(n) him just like a trainer breaks a horse.”

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