Joe Rogan Slams TikTok App – China ‘Knows Every F***ing Thing You Type’

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan slammed the social media app TikTok, saying that China has access to American users' data…

2 months ago

Future’s So Bright: Tucker Carlson Dominates Young Viewer Demographic Ratings, Despite Best Efforts by Democrats to Stop Him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson continues to dominate in the ratings, but perhaps surprisingly, the conservative host is drawing the…

5 months ago

Poll: Majority Of Millennials, Gen Zers Want Limits On Abortion

By Kristan Hawkins for RealClearPolitics By the time the midterm elections take place, targeted campaign ads and outreach will have…

8 months ago

The Kids Are NOT Alright – ‘Climate Change Anxiety’ Grips World’s Young People

The late great Rush Limbaugh used to like to compare the World War II generation with today's young people. "The…

1 year ago

Younger Americans Abandoning Capitalism, Embracing Socialism

In a stunning new Axios/Momentive poll, younger Americans are viewing capitalism in a more negative light and finding socialism more…

1 year ago

Bill Maher Bashes Liberals For Thinking America ‘Is More Racist And Sexist Than Ever’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher, who has made a good living attacking Republicans and conservatives, went after those he might be…

1 year ago

Bill Maher Slams Far-Left Views Of ‘Gullible’ Millennials And Gen Z

On his HBO program Friday, left-wing comedian and commentator Bill Maher slammed young Americans who hold far-left views, like embracing…

1 year ago

Meghan McCain Torches ‘National Disgrace’ NYC Mayor de Blasio And Millennials For Response To Coronavirus

Bill de Blasio is a complete joke of a mayor who has hurt New York City in myriad ways.

3 years ago

Chief Justice Roberts Mutters “Okay, Boomer” At the High Court

Imagine Ginsberg's 'silent' reaction.

3 years ago

5 Trends Christian Millennials Must Stop Doing

The problem with tolerance is that when we accept people for who they WANT to be, we neglect the people…

3 years ago

1 In 3 Millennials See Communism As Favorable, Survey Finds

Mary Margaret Olohan on October 28, 2019 A growing number of Millennials show support for communism and socialism, a survey from…

3 years ago