The Kids Are NOT Alright – ‘Climate Change Anxiety’ Grips World’s Young People

The Kids Are NOT Alright! 'Climate Change Anxiety' Grips World's Young People

The late great Rush Limbaugh used to like to compare the World War II generation with today’s young people. “The Greatest Generation” had to grow up pretty fast. After a decade of depression, they went to war. 

Those are some pretty real, in-your-face issues for someone in their late teens or early twenties. Rush’s point: today’s young people don’t have those kind of real-world, survival kind of problems, so they have had to manufacture them.

But if you think that poverty and war might just be two things that make you an adult before your time, think again.

Today’s youngsters have it far worse. A new study (just what we need) shows that an increasing number of young people all over the world are suffering from “climate change anxiety.”

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Young People Suffering Debilitating New Affliction

The study comes out of the University of Bath, where 10,000 young people from 10 countries were asked how they feel about climate change. Of the 16-25 years old surveyed, 84% said they were “somewhat worried” about climate change. Of those, 60% of those said they were “extremely worried,” and 75% said that the future is a frightening proposition.  

According to researcher Caroline Hickman, the young people the researchers spoke with began to have some very real adult feelings about climate change, the feeling that the government is lying to them.

Think the government is lying to you kids? Welcome to adulthood!

But before you think of giving them a clap on the back – they don’t think the government is lying about the same thing that you think the government is lying about.

Hickman says, “Children started telling us that they were feeling betrayed and abandoned and they felt that governments were lying about the effectiveness of the action they were taking to address the climate emergency.”

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What The Afflicted Are Saying

To get an idea of the level of anxiety today’s young people face, a few of the comments made went something like this: “It is quite worrying, and it makes me think about our future, and it’s definitely not a place that I want my kids to live in.”

Another had this to say: “That’s the most scary bit really. What’s g​onna happen in future generations down the line?”

Still another had this to say about the predicament of future generations, “You don’t want them to be left in a world where there’s no animals that they can look at or there’s no beautiful things in the world that they can see.”

Newsflash, junior: if there are no animals on the planet, there probably won’t be people around to miss them. 

The study also showed that one in four young people from all over the world would think twice before having children due to climate change. 

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Lifelong Indoctrination

Since this study started with 16-year olds, let’s start there. We have to keep in mind that these kids have been hearing about global warming, ahem… climate change, their entire academic careers.

As kindergartners, they saw the polar bears stranded on that small piece of unmelted ice. Once they hit junior high and high school, they heard the explanation of the hockey stick. It is all they know. 

At the extreme end of this, thirtysomething Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is convinced she will be dead in 10 years because of climate change. Granted she might not be the sharpest tool on the shed, she probably thinks the Haitians aren’t planning to stay long either, but you get the idea.

The left has succeeded in convincing at least one generation, and is moving quickly towards a second that we are all going to die unless their parents swear off of those gas-guzzling SUV’s and buy electric cars.

So what is the cure for this calamity these poor young people are facing that makes soup kitchens and war rations look like child’s play? Why government, of course.

Is it any shock that these researchers say the only cure for “climate anxiety” is “for governments around the world to take real action to protect the environment”? 

For American young people, their indoctrination will not be complete without the New Green Deal, wind turbines, and no more fossil fuels. Long story short, massive government intervention. Government handouts and goodies are great while you are still camped out in your mom’s basement organizing the green revolution against “the man” and big corporations from your Mac. 

But eventually, that “climate change anxiety” you think you have now, will become “buyer’s remorse.”


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