Michael Brown

Obama Claims ‘Institutional Constraints’ Prevented Him From Speaking Out On Killing Of Black Americans

Former President Barack Obama claims that "institutional constraints" prevented him from commenting on cases involving the killing of black Americans…

2 years ago

Biden In Leaked Audio: ‘Defund the Police’ Is A Losing Matter, We Should Avoid Talking Police Reform Until After Georgia Runoffs

In newly leaked audio, President-elect Joe Biden is heard admitting the GOP managed to “beat the living hell” out of…

2 years ago

Puerto Rican Earthquake Causes Blackout

The island and U.S. territory was hit at 4:24 EST.

3 years ago

Whoa! Police in THIS State Just Delivered a Powerful Message to Obama During Visit

In 2015 alone, at least 82 police officers have died in the line of duty. The brave men and women…

7 years ago

Race Baiters FURIOUS at 9 Words on Business Owner’s Sign About Michael Brown

This month, the left has been "honoring" the legacy of Michael Brown, who was shot one year ago during an…

7 years ago

After Failed DOJ Lawsuit for Michael Brown, You Won’t Believe What Parents Are Trying Next

Michael Brown's parents are the epitome of greed, selfishness, and stupidity. Besides what does Ferguson have left to give them? After…

8 years ago

Sheriff David Clarke: ‘We Can’t Get Eric Holder Out The Door Soon Enough’

Milwaukee County sheriff, David Clarke, himself an African-American, ripped Attorney General Eric Holder for his intentions to bring a lawsuit…

8 years ago

VIDEO: Ronald Reagan’s Son SLAMS Barack Obama – His Dad Would Be Proud!

J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV interviewed Michael Reagan (President Ronald Reagan's son) to discuss the legacy of his father and…

8 years ago

OOPS! CNN Is Worried Its Ferguson Shooting Audio Is Fake (WATCH)

Yesterday, all the media was breathlessly focused on creepy audio, which was supposedly the inadvertent taping of Mike Brown being shot to…

8 years ago

Ferguson Woman Defends Officer Wilson: Anyone Willing to Take a Bullet for Me Is Family

On Fox News, Ms. Robin Clearmountain, an African-American woman from Ferguson, Missouri, appeared on The Kelly File to express her…

8 years ago

Liberals ANGRY At What the NY Times Called Michael Brown #Ferguson

Liberals treat the New York Times as their Bible and journal of record. So you can imagine just what their…

8 years ago

Didn’t The Media Learn Anything From The Rodney King Case?

Even those of us who may have been too young can remember it anyway. The home video, played endlessly on…

8 years ago