OOPS! CNN Is Worried Its Ferguson Shooting Audio Is Fake (WATCH)

Yesterday, all the media was breathlessly focused on creepy audio, which was supposedly the inadvertent taping of Mike Brown being shot to death in Ferguson, Missouri.

But it may be that CNN and anchor Don Lemon jumped the gun! Watch (above) as CNN is forced to admit the audio may be in error, as the FBI is yet to confirm if is real or not. As you can see, the news channel is trying to soften the potential blow if an apology is needed soon.

John Notle of Breitbart opines:

Even if the audio ends up being authentic, the fact that CNN is now concerned over its authenticity and laying the groundwork to claim they were always skeptical, tells you how irresponsible the network is. The prejudicial audio never should have been aired prior to authentication. But this is exactly the kind of incendiary behavior we have come to expect from the news network that disgraced itself more than any other during the George Zimmerman affair.

CNN’s timing of the release made perfect sense. The leftwing network dropped the audio the day after treating the funeral of Michael Brown as though he was a head of state. With the death porn concluded and the Ferguson streets quiet, CNN needed to fill the race-baiting vacuum with something.

CNN has been a ratings flop for years, and is desperate to become meaningful in this racially charged news cycle. But responsible journalism requires careful fact checking.

Is this really how the “Most Trusted Name In News” should act?

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